How To Live In Our World

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How To Live In Our World
How To Live In Our World

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Life is endless changes, rapid ups and downs. In such a situation, few people will be able to carelessly live in a cozy nest. We must constantly grow and change. The ant is busy with one thing. In the human "anthill" you have to look for your place repeatedly throughout life. Understanding this allows you not only to live with dignity, but also to make a great contribution to the lives of other people.

How to live in our world
How to live in our world


Step 1

Learn to be happy and thankful. This is the foundation of a good life. Avoid negative news. Reach for the light. Living for life will give you the strength to overcome challenges.

Step 2

Eliminate debt. Give what you owe to everyone. Do this as quickly as possible.

Step 3

Minimize costs. If there is no money to pay for a large apartment, change it to a smaller one. Be smart. Switch to a different tariff to pay less for internet and phone. You will have more money left. Analyze all expenses.

Step 4

Create a strategic stock. In times of rapid crises, one cannot live without it. Bodo Schaefer in his book "The Path to Financial Independence" recommends having an emergency supply of cash that no one knows about. You only use it in a bankruptcy situation. You must have money for 6 to 12 months to pay all bills. If you lose your job, this will allow you to calmly take retraining courses or wait out the crisis, knowing that debts will not accumulate. To create such a stock, one must learn to economize. It is our habits that convince us that money is not enough anyway. They will be missed during a severe crisis, for which you may not be ready if it comes. Therefore, save right now.

Step 5

Maintain a collection of abstracts. How to live in this world? Many people have given the answer in their books. They tell how they went through poverty, hunger, and then achieved what they dreamed of. You should know how they did it. You must have a lot of notes. Write down the basic principles of success and good examples of applying those principles. Knowing how to act will lead you to a better life one day.

Step 6

Manage your health. A healthy person is able to start all over again. The sick, frail, weak dies slowly. Whatever is happening to you now, start strengthening yourself. Find biographies of people who were healed of terrible diseases when they stopped relying on pills and took control of their health. You should get stronger every day, regardless of age. Even in old age, many continue to study, leaving an example of young people.

Step 7

Try to break through. When you have a strategic reserve, you can safely try, try and try to put into practice what is written in your notes.

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