Who Headed The Tabakerka Theater After The Death Of Oleg Tabakov

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Who Headed The Tabakerka Theater After The Death Of Oleg Tabakov
Who Headed The Tabakerka Theater After The Death Of Oleg Tabakov

Video: Who Headed The Tabakerka Theater After The Death Of Oleg Tabakov

Video: Who Headed The Tabakerka Theater After The Death Of Oleg Tabakov
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Oleg Tabakov did not leave any wishes for who he would like to see as artistic director of Tabakerka. The position was taken by Vladimir Mashkov, one of his favorite students. Relatives of Tabakov took the news approvingly.


After the death of Oleg Tabakov "Snuffbox", namely the Moscow Theater. O. Tabakov was headed by Vladimir Mashkov. Oleg Tabakov did not leave any instructions and wishes about who he would like to see as the head of Tabakerka. Date of inauguration - April 23, 2018. It is known that here Mashkov has already staged 3 performances, the theater is native to him. Mashkov himself said that managing the theater is a completely different responsibility, and before accepting the offer he took time to think.

Mashkov is called one of the favorite actors of Oleg Tabakov and the appointment is considered fair, believing that it is Mashkov who should continue the teacher's work.

Oleg Tabakov's widow, Marina Zudina, believes that her husband would be pleased with Mashkov's appointment as artistic director of Tabakerka, saying that she is calm for the theater and pointing out that, in addition to acting talent, Mashkov has a clear talent in directing. In addition, Tabakov dreamed that Mashkov would someday return to Tabakerka, where his career began.

The son of Oleg Tabakov, Anton, also spoke approvingly about the appointment, noting that Vladimir Mashkov would bring the work of his teacher to a victorious end, if he had the strength to do so.

Mashkov himself called the position a huge responsibility, but he feels as collected as possible, answering one of the brilliant phrases of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov: "Excitement is great for any actor, but the job must be done." Vladimir plans to move consistently, not missing anything and multiplying the legacy of the great teacher.

Biography of Mashkov

Date of birth November 27, 1963 in Tula, Soviet and Russian actor, director, screenwriter, film producer, People's Artist of Russia. His father was an actor in a puppet theater, and his mother had Italian roots and worked in the same theater as the chief director as his father. Vladimir is the only son in the family, but his mother Natalya has a son from her first marriage.

Creative career

In the 1980s, after completing his first year at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mashkov abruptly changed his mind and entered the theater school of Novosibirsk, from where he was expelled for a fight already in 1984. Mashkov entered the Moscow Art Theater, from where he was also expelled for his violent temper. He has to get a job at the Moscow Art Theater as a decorator. In parallel, Mashkov begins to study with Tabakov and play in his theater.

Mashkov made his debut already in 1989 in the film "Green Fire of the Goat", in the same year he starred in 2 more films, and in 1990 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theater on the course of Oleg Tabakov.

His career as an actor begins to develop rapidly. First "Limita", then "Moscow Nights" and "American Daughter". In parallel, he starred in Hollywood films, where he plays episodic roles of "bad Russians" and participates in theatrical performances.

In 1997, he starred in the Oscar-nominated Thief.

Awards and prizes

Mashkov is a sought-after actor and all the films in which he participated have not been ignored. This explains the decent number of awards and prizes. Among them are the Seagull award, prizes for the best male roles, the Nika award, the Golden Aries award, the Silver George award, the Man of the Year award, the TEFI award, etc.

Since 1996 he is the Honored Artist of Russia, since 2010 the People's Artist of Russia. In 1998 he received the Baltic Pearl award for his fast-paced career.

Mashkov's works

He starred in more than 50 films, played in the Moscow theater studio directed by Oleg Tabakov, in the theater "Satyricon" them. Raikin, at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, produced, directed and was a screenwriter for "Dad", voiced cartoons and films.

Personal life of Mashkov

The rather stormy personal life of Oleg Mashkov ended in four marriages. The fourth wife is Oksana Shelest (divorce). There is only a daughter from her first marriage with Elena Shevchenko - Maria Mashkova.