Sergey Babkin: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Sergey Babkin: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Sergey Babkin: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sergey Babkin: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sergey Babkin: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Сергей Бабкин и Веселина Бабкина - Because you love (mood video) 2023, June

The popular Ukrainian performer of his own songs and actor Sergei Babkin was born in a family far from both theater and music. His mother worked all her life as a kindergarten teacher, and his father was a military man before retiring. Despite this, Sergei met with music at the age of 6.

Actor Sergei Babkin
Actor Sergei Babkin

The first talent of the future popular songwriter was seen by his mother, who enrolled him in a children's music school in the "flute" class. Subsequently, Sergey, together with his friend Andrey Zaporozhets, created the 5'nizza group, popular in Ukraine.

Childhood of a musician

Sergey Babkin was born in the city of Kharkov in November 1978. As a child, in addition to a music school, he went to figure skating, ballroom dancing and, moreover, to a circle of fine arts.

In high school, Sergei took an active part in amateur performances, attended the drama club and was a member of KVN. The theater of the future actor and musician began to attract from an early age.

For the first time, Sergei took the guitar in his hands at the age of 12. The boy did not take any lessons on playing this hitherto unfamiliar instrument. Sergei already had the skills of a musician, and therefore he mastered the six-string on his own in just a few weeks.

At the age of 14, the future musician became interested in the creativity of the groups "Syutkin and K" and "Bravo". Inspired by the talent of the members of these popular bands, Sergey began to write his own, already serious and almost professional songs, which at first he performed only in front of friends and family.


After the 9th grade of secondary school for further studies, Sergei Babkin chose one of the Kharkov music lyceums, which differed from others in that, among other things, there was a theater department. In this educational institution, he later met his colleague in the 5'nizza musical group Andrey Zaporozhets.

Studying at the institute

After graduating from the Music Lyceum in 1996, Sergei Babkin entered the faculty of acting at the Kharkov Institute of Arts. While studying at this university, the future musician and actor actively participated in student performances, won competitions and, of course, met many interesting talented people.

Sergey received his diploma of higher acting education in 2000. Immediately after that, the talented young man became a member of the troupe of the Ukrainian Theater 19, known for its scandalous sharp performances. At the same time, Sergey Babkin and Andrey Zaporozhets founded the 5'nizza group.


Despite the fact that immediately after graduation, Sergei became a sought-after actor, the army was waiting for him, like many other young people of the same age. Having received a summons one day, the young man went to the military registration and enlistment office. In the evening, after performing in front of the audience, Sergei went to the directorate of Theater 19 and told him why he would no longer be able to take part in the performances.

The management of "Theater 19" did not want to lose one of their best actors. The general, to whom the administration asked to cover the young man, at first refused. However, in the evening he himself called the theater and gave his consent to the release of the actor from military service, adding that his wife insisted on this.

Sergey's work: acting achievements

Sergei Babkin began performing in front of the audience during his years of study at the institute. As a third-year student, the actor became a member of the Kharkov club "Mask", where he worked as a mime. Appeared during the years of training in acting, Sergei and on TV screens. For some time he hosted the Salon TV program on the Tonis TV channel.

The actor's diploma work was one of the roles in the play "Julia Slavlyu" "Theater 19". After graduating from Kharkov University, Sergei in the same theater participated in such productions as:

  • "Our Hamlet"
  • "Schmuck",
  • "Doors".

Later, the actor received several roles in films. Sergei starred in such films as "Rejection", "Happy End", "How to get a woman."

Musician career

Founded in 2000 by Sergey and Andrey, the 5'nizza group gained popularity among music fans in Russia and Ukraine already in 2002. The first serious performances of this group took place in Moscow. At first, the musicians' concerts were attended by no more than a hundred spectators. But over time, the number of fans of the group grew to several thousand people.

In 2003, 5'nizza released their debut album, Friday. The harmonious mixture of different musical styles - hip-hop, acoustic rock and reggae, shocked the fans and was received by them very favorably. The band's first album was a fantastic success.


The second album of "Friday" "O5" was released in 2005. This time the musicians' work received approval not only from fans, but also from many venerable Russian and Ukrainian music critics.

After a 2007 tour in Poland, 5'nizza unfortunately disbanded due to disagreements over its future line-up. From that moment, Sergei Babkin's solo career began. For all the time of his work, the musician has released such popular albums as:

  • "Bis";
  • "Son";
  • "Hooray!";
  • "Sergeevna".

Sergey also founded the group K. P. S. S and recorded the album "Brussels", which was also well received by fans, together with the leader of the "Ocean Elzy" collective Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

In 2015, to the delight of fans, Sergey and Andrey Zaporozhets announced the reunification of the Friday group. Just a couple of months later, a new clip of the band "I believe in you" was released. Later, the group also released the album I Believe in You.

Personal life

Sergey was married twice in his life. In 2005, Lilia Rotan became his wife. After a while, the couple had a son, Ilya, to whom one of the musician's albums "Son" was dedicated.

After two years of marriage, Lilia and Sergei Babkin broke up. In 2008, the musician held a secret wedding with his new beloved Snezhana Vartanyan. In the spring of next year, the couple officially signed.

In the fall of 2010, Sergei became a father again. Snezhana, who already had a child from her first marriage, gave birth to his daughter, who was given the unusual name Veselina.

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