What Are The Most Popular Books Worth Reading

What Are The Most Popular Books Worth Reading
What Are The Most Popular Books Worth Reading

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There is an opinion: those who read books will always rule those who watch TV. To agree with this or not is a personal right of everyone, but it is impossible to argue with the fact that books develop imagination and intellect, contribute to the formation of certain character traits. Plus, reading is a great pastime. The only problem is that since the advent of writing, millions of different books have been published. How to choose the most interesting of them?

What are the most popular books worth reading
What are the most popular books worth reading

Erich Maria Remarque "Life on loan"

The novel tells about the love of two young people: the girl Lillian and the race car driver Clerfe. She is sick with tuberculosis and is in a sanatorium. He constantly risks his life for the sake of victory, and one day he comes to the sanatorium to visit his friend. But if for a guy playing with death is entertainment, then for her death is an inevitability, of which drops of blood on a handkerchief remind each time. The philosophy of the book is that there is nothing more beautiful than true love and there is nothing more terrible than death.

Gabriel García Márquez One Hundred Years of Solitude

This novel has been the most widely read novel in the world for many years. It has been translated into many languages ​​of the world. In twenty chapters, the history of the village of Macondo is described, from its foundation to sunset. In the center of the work is the Buendía family. The novel is distinguished by a large number of plot lines, but it is quite easy to read and understand.

Oscar Wilde "Portrait of Dorian Gray"

This interesting novel with a tragic ending, according to most literary scholars, reveals the psychology of narcissism. And only a few of them dare to suggest that this book is about being afraid of your desires, because they tend to come true. In the center of the story is a young and handsome Dorian, who categorically does not want to change anything in life. One day the brilliant artist Basil Hallward paints a portrait of Dorian. The young man looks at his image and longs for his portrait to grow old instead. And so it turns out. The more terrible the handsome Dorian behaves, the uglier his image becomes.

The classics of world foreign literature, which, of course, are worth reading, include the following books: "The cunning hidalgo Don Quixote Lamantian" by Cervantes, "Vanity Fair" Thackeray, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Hemingway

Franz Kafka "Metamorphosis"

All works by Franz Kafka are easy to read, but often cause mixed feelings. The novella "Metamorphosis" is no exception. It tells the story of a young traveling salesman Gregor, who one fine morning, for no reason whatsoever, turns into an ugly beetle. The family is afraid to even look at him. Over time, Gregor loses all that human that still remained in him.

The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger

The themes raised in the novel have already been partially revealed by the author in earlier stories, but this novel is a work in many ways fundamental both for Salinger himself and for all literature in general. The book tells about 16-year-old Holden Caulfield. He knows how to feel and empathize, but due to age and lack of life experience, he often makes hasty conclusions, offends others, hurting them. The novel tells about the psychological formation of an American teenager in the late 40s.

"Loneliness on the Net" Janusz Wisniewski

The novel was written in 2001 and immediately brought worldwide fame to the Polish writer. From the book, the reader learns an incredibly romantic and equally tragic love story.

The name of the main character is never mentioned in the novel "Loneliness on the Net"

The protagonist Jakub is a famous geneticist. One day he receives a letter from a stranger that touches him incredibly. Correspondence is started via e-mail and ICQ.In messages, each of the two people write about their work, family, romantic interests, food and drink preferences. The culmination of their relationship is the meeting in Paris, which determines the fate of both heroes.

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