How To Achieve Popularity

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How To Achieve Popularity
How To Achieve Popularity

Video: How To Achieve Popularity

Video: How To Achieve Popularity
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"I want to be famous!" - says the young lady, making her way to the casting of the next "Star Factory". “I want all the girls to be crazy about me,” says the teenager, tormented by a thirst for romantic relationships. Being famous does help solve many problems. How can you achieve it?

Popular personalities bathe in love
Popular personalities bathe in love


Step 1

It is believed that the easiest path to stellar fame is a career as a pop artist. There is an opinion that for this there are enough successful acquaintances, talent is not at all necessary. In fact, among the truly popular performers, there are practically no completely voiceless. So if you do not have at least average vocal abilities and a strong nervous system, leave this venture. If difficulties do not scare you, send your demos to one of the production centers. Your talent will definitely be noticed.

Step 2

Another seemingly easy path is a career as a model. But only from the outside it seems that walking on the catwalk can be done without much difficulty. Famous models from running around in heels deteriorate health, in addition, they constantly have to fight with competitors and exhaust themselves with a diet. You can find out if the crazy pace of life of the catwalk diva suits you at one of the model castings that are held in major cities.

Step 3

If intelligence is your forte, try your hand at the blogosphere. Start a blog and try to make it popular. You will choose the methods of promotion yourself, they depend on what area of life you are most interested in. This method is especially good for writers whose creations are not accepted for publication by the publishing house. Through a blog, you bring your works to the public, which is likely to give a boost to your career in the real world.

Step 4

If you haven't found any hidden talents in yourself, it doesn't matter. The same blogs sometimes elevate to the peak of popularity just witty freaks who are not ashamed to post their children's photos on the network, at which the whole world now laughs. Also, the Internet will help to gain popularity for beautiful, but shy young ladies. Post your photos even if you have nothing to say. Perhaps they will delight not only your closest friends.

Step 5

Ask yourself the question: why do I need popularity? If you want to gain credibility in your company, you don't have to embark on a grandiose rebuilding of the world. Sometimes it is enough to free yourself from complexes and restore your own self-esteem, and the world itself will fall at your feet.

Step 6

Remember, being popular doesn't necessarily make a person happy. So, pop star Britney Spears once admitted that she liked being famous for the first three days. And then the endless signing and harassment of the paparazzi made her life hell. Now Britney cannot go out without protection even to the nearest supermarket, her fans are chasing her everywhere. Think, do you really need the intrusive attention of others?

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