What Character Traits Are Called Virtue

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What Character Traits Are Called Virtue
What Character Traits Are Called Virtue

Video: What Character Traits Are Called Virtue

Video: What Character Traits Are Called Virtue
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Virtue is a collection of positive character traits. The concept of virtue has been known since ancient times, and people with these qualities are valued in many religions and in the secular world.

What character traits are called virtue
What character traits are called virtue

Generosity is one of the main qualities

Generosity is selflessness, the ability to sacrifice one's own interests and share material benefits. A generous person will not pass by a beggar, he will always donate funds to an orphanage or a nursing home, help in raising funds for the treatment of a child. But generosity can be manifested not only in material assistance, it is also disinterested concern for people, the ability to come to the rescue in any situation and moral support of people, regardless of the degree of kinship. Also, a generous person is able to forgive and not remember evil.

Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle talked about virtue, seeing in it the source of happiness.

Modesty is a virtue of the elect

Modesty is the ability to do great things without publicity. You can be generous, but ambitious and boastful. Rarely can anyone keep silent about his good deed and not tell everyone about it. Being humble is very difficult, because everyone wants to be appreciated and praised for his positive actions. Beyond that, humility implies a distinct outward pitch and behavior. A modest person will not stand out with flashy accessories and items of clothing, behave loudly and noisy, and attract undue attention to himself.

Patience is a rare trait

A patient person is especially respected, because he does not rush things, calmly waits in line and does not scandal over the cancellation of the train. In today's hectic world, patience is extremely rare, people strive to do everything quickly and to be in time everywhere, and the slightest delay leads them to anger. Patience also means low sensitivity to the blows of fate. A patient person will not be upset because of failures, but will simply wait out the black streak and try all over again.

In Christianity, virtues are the opposites of the seven deadly sins: anger, greed, gluttony, lust, despondency, envy, pride.

Courage is not just for men

Courage is resilience in any, the most formidable and terrifying situation. Courage manifests itself not only in extreme conditions, but also in everyday life. A courageous act will be to protect a person from bullies or simply express your point of view, which does not coincide with the opinion of the hostile majority. But this character trait does not imply reckless courage and bravado, it can hardly be called a courageous fighter who constantly wants thrills. Courage is courage combined with reason, with rational thinking and reasonable reasoning.

Justice is the art of impartiality

Being fair is not easy. When you discuss which of the athletes performed better, it is quite possible to express your assessment based on objective factors. But when you have to judge who is right - your child or his classmate, it is very difficult to be fair. A person is influenced by many social factors - public opinion, child or parental love, opportunity for benefit, threat to well-being, business relationships, etc. It is the highest virtue to be fair and impartial, regardless of external conditions.

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