What Character Traits Did The Slavs Have?

What Character Traits Did The Slavs Have?
What Character Traits Did The Slavs Have?

The question of what character the Slavs possessed is still asked by many inhabitants and researchers. After all, it is interesting to understand what exactly the modern generation took over from their ancestors and what character traits can be called primordially Russian. Famous scientists have already published a huge number of works and monographs, studying which you can get a very detailed idea of ​​what the ancient Slav was like.

What character traits did the Slavs have?
What character traits did the Slavs have?

Studies carried out at different times by various scientists have shown that a common series of traits: skin color, eye shape, skull shape, and others - are transmitted along a chain from one generation of a race to another. As a result, over the centuries a certain image has been formed, which differs only in details from earlier ones. At the same time, the common features of the nation are preserved.

As a result of such studies, it was determined why and what is the mechanism of preservation, for example, by African Americans of dark skin, Asians - a specific cut of the eyes, Slavs - hair color and general facial features.

However, scientists were most interested in the discovery that not only physical traits can be inherited. Also, new generations have similar character traits with their ancestors. As a result, it is possible to make a characterization of the nation based on psychological characteristics.

What character traits did the ancient Slavs have?

Russian scientists, naturally, took up the study of their Slavic roots. As a result, it became clear that the population of the Slavic tribes at the dawn of the era was distinguished by its peacefulness and hospitality. In addition, the ancient Slavs loved and knew how to work, observed family virtues and much more. On the other hand, the ancestors of modern Russians were considered idealists, periodically supported Slavic strife and had an indecisive character.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this inconsistency that the appearance of Russians on the world stage, even in those days, was an amazing event. Scientists claim that the Slav was able to give humanity his ardent genius.

Under the influence of what these features of the Slavic character developed, scientists could not figure out. However, they tried to deduce two factors that influenced this. First, it is the anthropological composition of the tribe. Secondly, the external nature, in the bosom of which the Slavic population lived. It is believed that the difficult conditions in which the ancient Slavs lived made them so hardworking, because it would be simply impossible to survive without labor.

The external nature, which does not give the Slavs caresses, warmth or any pleasant impressions, forced the population to delve into themselves and seek harmony within. Hence the tendency to deep analysis, incl. and moral.

What to consider

The features characteristic of many Slavs, due to the rather large population in the Russian lands, can be seen in a fairly large number of people, and not only in Russia. The ancient Slavs today have become Belarusians, Ukrainians. Serbs also belong to Slavic roots. Therefore, you can see and recognize a person of a similar nature almost all over the world.

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