How To Learn Beautiful Handwriting

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How To Learn Beautiful Handwriting
How To Learn Beautiful Handwriting

Video: How To Learn Beautiful Handwriting

Video: How To Learn Beautiful Handwriting
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Learning new things, including beautiful handwriting, requires strong enough motivation to motivate you to practice regularly. You will also need unbending willpower that will not let you shirk from achieving your plans.

Everything in a person should be beautiful … and even handwriting
Everything in a person should be beautiful … and even handwriting


Step 1

Remember what the cat Behemoth from The Master and Margarita replied when asked how he is so clever at eating cucumbers with a fork? He said, "Everything is achieved by exercise." This formula, great in its simplicity, should not only be memorized, but written in the most beautiful handwriting you can, and hung over your desk as a call to action.

Step 2

Next, you need tons of paper and tons of pencils and pens. Just do not say that the floor hinders a bad dancer. That is why it interferes with the fact that this is a bad sex. Choose the finest paper and the most decent writing materials. Because it will be difficult, and it is necessary that the high quality of paper and "pen" brighten up your suffering and give you pleasure.

Step 3

Write as often as possible. Rewrite your favorite books. Write letters to your loved ones. Turn on the radio and write what it says. Develop your hand.

Step 4

Let the hand work not only with writing, but also with other objects. Fingering the rosary, squeeze and unclench the expander, learn to eat with Chinese chopsticks, and at the same time write Chinese characters. After them, the letter in your native language will seem closer and dearer to you.

Step 5

Try to go from the other side. As is known from graphology (the science of handwriting), handwriting is a reflection of character. And if your handwriting leaves much to be desired, get busy working on yourself, change your character for the better. You might even say start building character. This will come in handy in regular prescripting exercises so that the hooks and curls do not twist you into a ram's horn.

Step 6

One of the important components is that you should be interested. Love what you do. Listen to the thrill that begins to overwhelm you at the sight of a blank white sheet. Reread Gogol's Overcoat. Take a look at Akaki Akakievich in a new way, imagine that you are him, that you also adore letters. Maybe they will reciprocate you and stand in line with the beautiful handwriting for which you strive so much.

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