Artem Oganov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Artem Oganov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Artem Oganov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Artem Oganov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Artem Oganov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: IACS Faculty bio: Artem Oganov 2023, June

The name of Artyom Romaevich Oganov says little to a wide range of readers, but in scientific circles his works are known to the whole world. Oganov is called the Russian scientist of the new generation.

Artem Oganov - a scientist of a new generation
Artem Oganov - a scientist of a new generation

Artem Oganov: biography of a new generation of Russian scientist

A. R. Oganov was born in 1975. His father is an economist with Armenian roots, and his mother is a psychologist, Jewish by birth, who lived in Ukraine. With the birth of a son, the young family moved to live from Dnepropetrovsk to Moscow, where Artyom spent his childhood and youth.

At the age of 4, the boy got his hands on a book on chemistry and he became interested in science. A dream appeared: to become a chemist and discover new elements. He dreamed of meeting and working together with prominent at that time scientists Flerov and Oganesyan. Later life has shown that dreams do come true, and thirst for knowledge and continuous work bear fruit.

Artem graduated with honors from high school and also successfully later at Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Faculty of Geology. His chosen specialty is "crystallography and crystal chemistry". Upon graduation, the young graduate student received a presidential scholarship of $ 24,000 to study at the prestigious University of London.

Further, the career began to develop rapidly. He worked for about seven years: first in England, and then in Switzerland. After Oganov was invited to America, where he had the opportunity to open his own laboratory. Probably, the scientist would have continued to live and work in the United States if in 2013 he had not won two mega-grants at once - in Russia (Megagrant RF) and China (1000 talents). These grants are designed to attract talented scientists to universities in their country and provide the necessary conditions for scientific research. Thus, Artyom has already begun work for three laboratories and three countries - the USA, Russia and China. But he nevertheless decided to choose Russia as his place of permanent residence.


Today Oganov is a world-famous crystallographer chemist. He was noted by Forbes magazine in the list of "10 most successful Russian scientists", and expert journals of the Russian Federation single him out among the "100 most influential Russians."

Since 2015, the famous scientist has become a professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences and headed the work at the Skolkovo Institute.

Today A. R. Oganov is invited to lecture by all the leading universities in the world, his works are widely studied and cited.

In his personal life, too, complete order: he has a wonderful wife and four children. He is fluent in 5 languages and travels a lot.

Career of a talented scientist

Chronology of Artem Oganov's career growth:

  • 2002 - defended his Ph. D. thesis (topic - Crystallography), University of London;
  • 2007 - received his doctorate, Polytechnic University of Switzerland;
  • 2010 - became a professor at an American university and headed a scientific laboratory ("Computer design of materials");
  • 2013 - headed three scientific laboratories (USA, China and Russia);
  • 2014 - President of the Russian-American Association of Scientists;
  • 2015 - awarded the honorary title of professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences, work at the Skolkovo Institute (RF).

Achievements and recognition

At present, Artyom Romaevich, by personal achievements, can be safely called a successful physicist and chemist, he is a talented mineralogist, a recognized crystallographer. He is the author of solid works - about 180 research papers have been written, as well as a number of scientific articles for popular foreign publications.

In 2006, Oganov created a method ("USPEX") with Collin Glass.

As the scientist himself said in one of his interviews: `` At first there was painstaking work: theory, synthesis, experiments, testing. Various approaches and methods have been developed. The main question was to predict the structure of the element - will it be useful or not. ''

The found algorithm made it possible to predict the structure of the crystal using only one chemical formula and to program the design of the obtained minerals. This makes it possible to create materials that can have specific properties.


The famous scientist Ogayev is the owner of all kinds of awards:

  • Latsis Prize (Swiss Higher Technical School);
  • the Georgy Gamow Prize for Outstanding Contribution to World Science;
  • the Consent award for a significant contribution to the development of the country's life;
  • several awards for high citation of works from foreign publishers.

Also Oganov A. R. has in its arsenal of awards a medal from the European Mineralogical Society. He is an honorary professor at the Chinese Yangshan University.

In 2017, the famous Skoltech professor was awarded a number of prestigious awards, including by order of the President of the Russian Federation, he was included in the Council for Science and Education.

Scientists all over the world recognize Oganov's enormous contribution to the development of modern science. It is difficult to imagine what discoveries are still ahead.

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