How To Call Yourself On The Phone

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How To Call Yourself On The Phone
How To Call Yourself On The Phone

Video: How To Call Yourself On The Phone

Video: How To Call Yourself On The Phone
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The order of submission by phone depends on in what capacity, to whom and on what issue you are calling. A complete presentation will always make a pleasant impression on the interlocutor. But in some situations, there is no need to give him unnecessary details, or it is better to just not load the person with information that does not matter in your conversation.

How to call yourself on the phone
How to call yourself on the phone

It is necessary

  • - telephone set;
  • - knowledge of the norms of etiquette.


Step 1

If you are making a call on behalf of an organization, its name is of primary importance. In some cases, it will not be superfluous to name your position and first name (or last name and first name, last name, first name and patronymic). It is definitely necessary to do this if the corporate regulations require it.

At the first contact after the presentation, immediately tell us what issue you are addressing.

When making a business call to a contact in another organization with whom you have a business relationship, the first or last name may be sufficient, in some cases in conjunction with the place of work.

Step 2

When one private person calls another on a business issue for the first time, it is usually enough to introduce yourself by name (for example, my name is Vasily) and go straight to the question of interest. If you call on someone's recommendation or get a phone number from open sources (for example, a website, an ad in newspaper or the Internet), tell how you know the interlocutor's number, and get to the heart of the matter. In a situation when you received a phone by e-mail from its owner as a reaction to your ad, remind about this. During further interaction, it is worth reminding your name and the question on which you are continuing the conversation when you call.

Step 3

If you call the help desk (or call center) of a state or commercial organization, it may not be necessary to introduce yourself at all, it is enough to immediately inform you on what issue you have contacted. In some cases, you just need to say that you, for example, live or work in the area of responsibility of the organization you are calling, are an entrepreneur, beneficiary, etc., if this circumstance is decisive in light of your question.

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