How To Get A Dealership

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How To Get A Dealership
How To Get A Dealership

Video: How To Get A Dealership

Video: How To Get A Dealership
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Regional dealership is becoming an increasingly attractive form of building a successful business for companies and entrepreneurs. A dealer agreement with a major partner allows small firms to accelerate their own development by reducing the costs of promoting their own brand, advertising costs and receiving high discounts, provided that all the terms of partnership are met. Therefore, getting a dealership is very profitable, especially for small companies.

How to get a dealership
How to get a dealership

It is necessary

  • Press release
  • Business plan
  • Copies:
  • certificate of registration of a legal entity
  • tax registration certificates
  • constituent documents


Step 1

Study the terms of the dealer agreement of the enterprise or company with which you want to conclude an agreement and the requirements for an applicant for a dealer. Prepare a press release on the activities of your company and a package of constituent documents, as well as a certificate of registration of the company and registration with the Federal Tax Service.

Step 2

Contact the company you are interested in with a proposal to conclude a dealership agreement by submitting an application and information materials about the activities of your company.

Step 3

Draw up a business plan for the development of your partnership, based on the possible indicators proposed during negotiations between the parties and submit it for consideration to the management of the partner company.

Step 4

Sign the dealer agreement after discussing and agreeing on all the important points of the terms of cooperation.

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