How To Get Someone To Help You

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How To Get Someone To Help You
How To Get Someone To Help You

Video: How To Get Someone To Help You

Video: How To Get Someone To Help You
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It's not a shame to ask for help. Superheroes who are able to "move mountains" alone are very rare in life. Ordinary people have to seek support from relatives, friends, colleagues, and sometimes complete strangers. But you need to be able to ask. So that you will not be refused, and so that you do not feel like a clumsy and a failure.

In a difficult situation, seek help from loved ones
In a difficult situation, seek help from loved ones


Step 1

The way is honest. It's the simplest one. Tell the person you are counting on to help about the problem. People cannot read your mind, and therefore sometimes they simply do not know about your difficulties. Explain why you do not have the ability to cope on your own: you do not have enough time, energy, patience, skill, money. Tell your potential mate that you have chosen him because you trust. But do not force, do not press, do not demand an immediate positive response. After describing the situation, give the person an opportunity to think and calmly make a decision.

Step 2

Exchange method. Acts on the principle "you - me, I - you" in his good understanding. You ask for help now and offer your services in return later or in another matter. This method has long been mastered by young mothers who take turns walking with each other's children. It is only important to respect the interests of both parties: the assistance provided should be equivalent to a reciprocal service. Do not abuse the exchange option so that friendships do not turn into commodity-money.

Step 3

The way is captivating and entertaining. It's great for people with common interests. For example, your friend, like you, is fond of growing garden strawberries. Then feel free to contact her for advice and with a request to plant valuable plants in your country house. As a bonus to help, you will receive pleasant communication.

Step 4

The method is instructive. You are asking not only for help, but also for teaching. This option is quite common. For example, you could not understand the engine of a car on your own. And ask a friend who is a car enthusiast to do it now for you and teach you for the future. Most people willingly act as a mentor.

Step 5

The way is philosophical. You will need extensive theoretical knowledge and enviable eloquence. Convince the person that by supporting you in difficult times, he makes the world a better place. It sounds complicated, but this method is quite applicable in simple life situations. For example, your colleague is unlikely to resist such a logical chain: by helping you complete a project, he is contributing to the development of a company that is actively introducing environmentally friendly technologies in the food industry.

Step 6

The way is wrong. He is blackmail. By demanding help from a person in exchange for keeping their secret, you will most likely achieve your goal. But you know perfectly well that this is unethical. It's also dangerous. Your involuntary helper will harbor a grudge and look for an opportunity to take revenge on you.

Step 7

Perhaps one of the following methods will suit you. Perhaps you can come up with your own. In any case, do not forget to sincerely thank your helper.