Actor Tom Hardy: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Actor Tom Hardy: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Actor Tom Hardy: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Tom Hardy: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Tom Hardy: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
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Tom Hardy is a popular actor who became famous by acting in Hollywood films. The talented man became famous for his roles in such projects as "Legend", "The Drunkest District in the World", "Warrior". Tom amazed viewers and critics more than once with his masterful acting. This is evidenced by a large number of various awards and prizes.

Actor Tom Hardy
Actor Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy celebrates his birthday on September 15th. Born in 1977 in a town called Hammersmith. Neither father nor mother were associated with cinema. Tom had no brothers or sisters.

Almost immediately after the birth of the baby, Ann and Edward Hardy decided to move to East Sheen. Tom's mother was an artist, his father was engaged in writing scripts for commercials.

The parents loved their son. They wanted him to get a good education. However, Tom did not want to study. He grew up a bully, had a difficult character. At the age of 13 he began to drink. At the age of 14 he got acquainted with drugs. Because of this, he was expelled from school. Subsequently, Tom admitted that for the sake of drugs he could sell his own mother.

At the age of 16, the actor went to jail. He stole a car for fun. But he managed to avoid the real term. Father's connections helped.

On the way to success

Despite numerous problems, Tom was interested in creativity. He did not like to study, but he attended theater courses regularly. At the age of 18 he entered an acting school. His mother insisted on this. But he did not study for long. Was excluded. Subsequently, he managed to enter the drama school. In his senior year, acting was improved by another popular man - Michael Fassbender.

Tom Hardy in the movie "Legend"
Tom Hardy in the movie "Legend"

There was a place in the biography of Tom Hardy for the modeling sphere. But he did not work as a model for long. Subsequently, he admitted that he did not like this activity.

Creative biography

"Brothers in Arms" is the first motion picture in Tom Hardy's filmography. Viewers saw him in the role of Private John. Michael Fassbender starred with him.

The first fame came after the release of the movie "The Fall of the Black Hawk". The novice actor was noticed by the directors. Tom began to regularly receive invitations to shoot.

Tom Hardy began to refuse roles in melodramas after filming in the movie "Dots above the i". The talented actor didn't like this genre. He decided to devote all his attention to militants and military projects.

The success of the man was brought by such films as "Enterprise" and "Star Trek. Retribution". Many critics believe that these projects were breakthroughs in the cinematic biography of actor Tom Hardy.

The actor himself believes that the best work in his filmography is “Stewart. Past life". In the image of the main character, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared before the audience.

The talented man became widely known after the release of the movie "Rock-n-Roller". Tom played a scandalous character. He appeared before the audience in the guise of a gay criminal. According to the plot, he fell in love with the character played by Gerard Butler.

Tom Hardy as Bane
Tom Hardy as Bane

Tom Hardy handles even the most difficult roles with ease. For example, in the movie "Legend" he played twin brothers, who have completely different characters. And for the role in the movie "The Dark Knight. Rebirth of a legend”the man had to gain 13 kg. muscle mass.

The filmography of actor Tom Hardy has more than 60 projects. The most famous were such projects as "The Drunkest District in the World", "Peaky Blinders", "Warrior", "This Means War", "Mad Max. Fury Road, Prikup, Wuthering Heights, Spy Get Out, Survivor, Dunkirk, Venom.

Outside the set

How are things going in the personal life of actor Tom Hardy? Almost at the very beginning of his career, the actor made a statement that he had met not only women, but also men. However, later he himself denied this information. Tom said that the journalists simply did not understand him. The actor talked about his roles, not real life.

The years of study at the theater school were not in vain. Tom not only improved his acting skills, but also met his first wife. She was Sarah Ward. The wedding took place within a few weeks. But Sarah announced her divorce as soon as she found out about her husband's drug addiction.

For several years, the actor was in a relationship with Linda Pak (TV presenter). Then there was an affair with actress Rachel Speed. A child was born in a relationship. However, this event did not stop Tom and Rachel from breaking up after a few months.

There were rumors of romance with Emily Browning and Noomi Rapace. But Tom Hardy did not confirm this information.

Tom Hardy's Wife - Charlotte Riley
Tom Hardy's Wife - Charlotte Riley

Tom Hardy's second wife is actress Charlotte Riley. The acquaintance took place during the filming of the film "Wuthering Heights". In 2014, the actors got married. A few months later, Charlotte gave birth to a son. They called him Louis Thomas. In 2019, the second son, Forest, was born.

Interesting Facts

  1. For the first time, Tom decided to go to a tattoo parlor when he was only 15 years old.
  2. While preparing for the filming of The Survivor, Tom Hardy visited Yakutia to find out how people live in extreme conditions.
  3. Tom has a difficult character. Once a partner on the set Shia LaBeouf could not stand his constant jokes and got into a fight with him.
  4. Tom Hardy does not like to advertise his personal life. For a long time, no one knew either the name or gender of his second child. In addition, it will not be possible to find photographs in which Tom would have been captured with his children.
  5. Edward Thomas Hardy - this is the full name of a popular actor.
  6. Tom Hardy loves dogs very much. He even rehearses replicas not with people, but with his pets.

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