Actor Alexander Pal: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Actor Alexander Pal: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Actor Alexander Pal: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Alexander Pal: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Alexander Pal: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
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Alexander Pal is a promising domestic actor. He showed himself not only on the set. He regularly performs on the theatrical stage. The first fame came to the man after the release of the comedy "Bitter!" Many years have passed since then, and Sasha starred in a huge number of popular films.

Actor Alexander Pal
Actor Alexander Pal

The creative biography of Alexander Pal started in 2012. The man managed to show his talent for several years. At the present stage, he is considered one of the most promising actors in the country. Filmed mainly in comedies. Before the audience appears in the form of a ridiculous, but straightforward guy.

short biography

Actor Alexander Pal was born in Chelyabinsk. This event took place in 1988, on December 16. His parents were not associated with either cinema or creativity. They lived in poverty. Alexander studied at the boarding school, because they were fed for free. But the guy has relatives who live in Germany. Thanks to this, Alexander lived for a whole year in another country. He did not go to school in Germany, but he read a lot. It was at this time that he realized that he wanted to become an actor.

Alexander Pal in the film "Bitter!"
Alexander Pal in the film "Bitter!"

Parents ambiguously perceived the desire of their son. His father supported him, and his mother dreamed that Sasha would receive a more serious profession. But Alexander still went to the capital of Russia and successfully entered GITIS. Educated under the guidance of an experienced mentor Leonid Kheifets.

The first steps

For a long time Alexander was unlucky. He was invited to appear and perform on stage during his student years. But projects were closed, and directors disappeared. Alexander even fell into depression. He already wanted to quit drama school and enroll in a journalist, but he finally got lucky.

Alexander Pal got his first role in the movie "All at once". He played the main character. However, the picture was released only a few years after the end of filming. Sasha was already famous at that time.

Notable roles

Success came when Alexander Pal's filmography was replenished with the film Bitter! Before the audience, the aspiring actor appeared in the form of a bald gopnik. His working day during filming began with a tattoo on his chest. Together with him, such actors as Elena Valyushkina, Yan Tsapnik and Valentina Mazunina starred in the film.

Over the next few months, the filmography of Alexander Pal was replenished with several more films. He also starred in the film "Bitter 2!"

Such films with Alexander Pale as "The guy from our cemetery", "You all enrage me", "Icebreaker" (one of the few serious films in Sasha's filmography), "Raid" became successful. His track record also includes the Russian-American action movie Hardcore.

Alexander Pal in the film "Icebreaker"
Alexander Pal in the film "Icebreaker"

If at the beginning of his career, Alexander preferred to act only in comedy films, then at the present stage he is increasingly getting roles in serious projects. For example, you can see him in the drama film "Loyalty". Yevgenia Gromova shone with him on the set. The last project in the filmography of Alexander Pal is the film "Deeper". This project is also not comedic.

Outside the set

Alexander Pal prefers not to talk to journalists about his personal life. But some rumors still reached the fans. The actor was in a relationship with Lisa Yankovskaya.

How exactly they met is unknown. But, most likely, the actors met at the institute. Lisa's brother is Ivan Yankovsky. He also studied at GITIS in his junior year. In 2017, Alexander and Lisa broke up.

Interesting Facts

  1. Alexander Pal was jailed twice because of his political views. But both times he was quickly released after a call from “above”. At the same time, Alexander himself does not know who exactly ordered his release.
  2. Alexander's childhood was spent on the street. He often fought, dreamed of becoming a thief in law. But over time, the desires have changed.
  3. Before visiting relatives in Germany, Alexander wanted to become a cook. According to him, knowledge of exact sciences is not needed in this profession. And he did not like mathematics very much. But my uncle advised me to go to drama school, and Alexander agreed.
  4. To reliably play his character in the film "Rag Union", Alexander studied parkour. And while filming in the multi-part project "Raid" I learned how to operate a motorcycle.
  5. Alexander Pal does not like to give interviews. Treats this as a necessity. But he understands that building a career as an actor will not work without it.

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