Actor Gerard Butler: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Actor Gerard Butler: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Actor Gerard Butler: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Gerard Butler: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Gerard Butler: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
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Gerard Butler is a popular Scottish actor. Fame came to him thanks to Hollywood blockbusters. The man has established himself from the best side both in comedy films and in action films. The filmography of actor Gerard Butler has more than 70 projects. Such films as "Dracula 2000" and "Law Abiding Citizen" brought him fame.

Actor Gerard Butler
Actor Gerard Butler

Gerard James Butler is the full name of the popular actor. On the way to fame, a man faced many different problems. But he successfully coped with them and at the present stage is a sought-after actor.

short biography

Actor Gerard Butler was born in 1969. This event took place on November 13 in Scotland. He was not the only child in the family. Gerard has a sister and a brother. Almost immediately after the birth of their son, the parents decided to move to Canada.

A large family settled in Montreal, where his father tried several times to open his own business. But he didn’t succeed. The man blamed his family for his failures. Subsequently, this led to a divorce and the return of the mother and children to Scotland.

Gerard Butler did not think about his acting career. He was fond of oriental martial arts. I often visited the cinema, because lived next to him. Over time, watching films captivated the guy so much that he decided to try his hand at acting. After much persuasion, my mother agreed to go with him to various auditions. But he could not get the roles.

At the age of 12, Gerard first appeared on the stage. He played a minor role. But he decided to give up his acting dream, tk. my mother had a negative attitude towards his theatrical hobbies. Therefore, after school he entered the law institute. Then there was a move to Los Angeles.

And it was in this city that Gerard Butler decided to try again to break into the cinema. For six months, he played only a cameo role in the film "The Bodyguard". His name was not even in the credits.

Despite failures

While living in Los Angeles, Gerard learned that his father was terminally ill. Despite the long separation, the guy went to Canada. He lived in Montreal until his father died. Then the future actor left for Scotland.

Gerard no longer believed that he would be able to realize his dream and become an actor. He got a job in a law firm, began to drink a lot. Repeatedly tried to commit suicide. Subsequently, due to alcoholism, he lost his job.

Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera
Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera

Gerard Butler decided to move to London. He again tried to break into theater or cinema. But he failed. To feed himself, he worked in restaurants, demonstrated children's toys in stores, worked as an assistant for a casting manager. It was thanks to the last work that he managed to break into the cinema.

Gerard just walked up to the director and asked to look at him. After a short casting, he got a minor role. And a few months later he was invited to play in the play "At the Game".

Successful roles

"Dracula 2000" is a famous motion picture in which Gerard Butler played his first major role. Then he appeared as the leading character in the movie "Attila the Conqueror". To get the roles, the novice actor had to get rid of the accent for a long time. It was these two films that brought the man his first fame.

Popularity only strengthened after the release of such films as "The Reign of Fire" and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2. Cradle of Life."

The musical "The Phantom of the Opera" can be called a successful project in Gerard Butler's career. The popular actor's masterful play was highly praised by critics. Gerard was nominated for an Oscar.

To reliably play Tsar Leonidas in the movie "300 Spartans", Gerard Butler had to practically settle in the gym. Within a few months he gained muscles and learned to fencing. Subsequently, the popular actor called this period "fitness hell".

Subsequently, the filmography of actor Gerard Butler was replenished with such projects as “P. S. I love you”and“Ransom”. The film "Rock and Roll" became more successful.

Gerard Butler also showed himself in comedies. He played masterfully in projects such as The Naked Truth and The Bounty Hunter. Together with him, Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston got the leading roles in these tapes.

Law Abiding Citizen is one of Gerard Butler's most successful works. In the drama, he got the role of the lead character. Stars such as Jamie Foxx and Leslie Bibb starred with him on the set. Before the audience, our hero appeared in the form of a man who avenged his lost family.

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen
Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen

The filmography of actor Gerard Butler has more than 70 projects. It is worth highlighting such paintings with his participation as "The Fall of Olympus", "The Fall of London", "The Fall of an Angel", "Hunter Killer", "Hunt for Thieves", "Geostorm", "Gods of Egypt", "The Conqueror of the Waves", " A man in great demand”,“Preacher with a machine gun”. Gerard Butler's most recent filmography is Greenland.

At the present stage, a popular actor is working on the creation of several projects at once. In the near future such films with his participation as "Hunt for Thieves 2", "The Untouchables. Becoming Capone”,“The Thunderstorm Begins”,“Dynamo”.

Outside the set

How are things going in the personal life of Gerard Butler? Quite often, information appears in the press about relationships with different girls. For several years he met with Tonya. He met the girl when he worked as an assistant. But this relationship fell apart over time.

Then there was an affair with Madalina Genea. The girl worked in the modeling field. But this relationship also turned out to be a failure. Subsequently, journalists often attributed to Gerard an intimate relationship with colleagues on the set.

In 2014, Gerard Butler met Morgan Brown. She's not an actress. Works as an interior designer. The relationship between Gerard and Morgan is not straightforward. They constantly quarrel, disagree and converge again.

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown
Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown

Actor Gerard Butler does not like to talk about his personal life. It is known that he has neither a wife nor children.

Interesting Facts

  1. As a child, Gerard was seriously fond of karate. Became a candidate for master of sports. At the present stage, he is fond of football and water skiing.
  2. In his youth, Gerard Butler performed in the rock band Speed. He was a backing vocalist.
  3. Gerard Butler has a medal. One evening, returning home, he saw a guy drowning. The actor, without hesitation, dived into the water and pulled him out. For this act, he received his award.
  4. Gerard has his own restaurant in Los Angeles.
  5. The popular actor has a pet - a pug named Lolita.

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