What Operas Did Bellini Write

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What Operas Did Bellini Write
What Operas Did Bellini Write
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Italian classical opera has been a paragon of operatic art for many years. A lot of famous composers, authors of great musical works, were born in Italy and were able to breathe the deepest feelings for their country into their masterpieces. In addition, it is the Italian language, which is distinguished by its melody, emotionality and beauty, like no other is suitable for creating sensitive and bright librettos.

What operas did Bellini write
What operas did Bellini write


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One of the most famous composers in Italy is Vincenzo Bellini. From an early age, the future composer amazed those around him with his musical talent. A significant role in Bellini's work was played by close collaboration with the poet Romney, who was an opera maestro. Their professional tandem turned out to be quite fruitful. Thanks to the efforts of two geniuses, the world heard natural and light vocal works, which today are admired by many opera critics.

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All musical works created by Vincenzo Bellini are filled with inner lyricism and amazing musical harmony, which is remembered even by people far from music. It is curious that Bellini never gave preference to the traditional Italian buffa opera genre, filling his works with an inner drama. From a professional point of view, his works are far from ideal, but for the melody and adaptability to the capabilities of the human voice, and therefore, for the harmony of his creations, they won the love of I.V. Gee, T. Shevchenko, F. Chopin, T. Granovsky, N. Stankevich …

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Throughout his professional career, Bellini was able to write eleven opera works. Contemporaries noted that, despite the unconditional talent, each work was born in agony and took a lot of the maestro's strength.

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In 1825, a work was written - "Adelson and Salvini", after which a year later came the creation - "Bianca and Gernando". Then, in 1827, a creative work called "Pirate" appeared. In the first month of the appearance of the work on the stage, it passed 15 times. And each time the opera gained more and more success with the audience who attended each performance. Two years later, two more works saw the light - "Outlander" and "Zaire". It is curious that the premiere of the opera Zaire, which took place at the Parma Theater, failed to arouse admiration among the audience and became a real failure. Most of the listeners did not hear the maestro's music in the work, it seemed to them that it was filled only with feelings. Critical opinions upset the composer so much that he decided to leave not only the theater stage, but also the city in which it was located …


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However, Bellini did not stop writing, and in 1830 two truly unique works "Ernani" and "Capulet and Montague" were born, the latter was first presented to the discerning Venetian public at the Teatro La Fenice. Finding a voice suitable for architecture to perform the part of the young Romeo turned out to be by no means easy for Bellini, so Juditta Grisi with a wonderful mezzo-soprano appeared on the stage in the image of a young man. Grisi's performance is still considered almost a reference.

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The most popular opera by the maestro "Norma" and the next-born "Somnabula" were created in 1831. Bellini literally adored Norma, only considering it a really successful work. He often repeated that in the event of a shipwreck or flood, only Norma should be saved. Each of the arias of the opera is a complete and completely independent work, which is distinguished by the melody characteristic of the composer.

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A year later, the creation of the composer "Beatrice de Tenda" was published, and the musical picture "The Puritans", created in 1885, put an end to the works.Bellini did not enjoy these materials, as he wrote about in his memoirs. He tried to repeat the inner harmony of "Norma", but, as it seemed to the discerning taste, everything was wrong, everything was wrong.

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Of course, if we take the quantitative indicator of the works, then Bellini is inferior to many composers, however, as a musical material, few can compare with the Italian maestro. All of Bellini's above-mentioned operas are true masterpieces of opera, which have been able to enter the art of music forever.

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