What Are The Sins In Orthodoxy

What Are The Sins In Orthodoxy
What Are The Sins In Orthodoxy

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Sin in Orthodoxy is a serious human misconduct leading to the destruction of the human soul, the impossibility of eternal life in the kingdom of God. Almost all sins can be atoned for in confession.

What are the sins in Orthodoxy
What are the sins in Orthodoxy

The unforgivable sin

There is one sin that will forever close the door to God's kingdom - expressing discontent and condemning his actions. An Orthodox Christian should always remember this and not make a fatal mistake. This sin is called pride and is considered original. According to the Bible, Lucifer was expelled from heaven to earth precisely because he dared to express dissatisfaction with the existing order.

Other sins

There are 7 deadly sins in total. Pride is one of them. They are called mortals because they destroy the life of the soul. If a person commits serious transgressions too often, he can permanently alienate himself from God and his true path. In this case, he can only rely on God's mercy and forgiveness.

Greed is the most common sin today. A person is so absorbed in his material goods (or their absence) that he forgets about his soul, that he is imperfect and he needs to rely on the help and mercy of God. Greed is aggravated by dirty money that a person has earned dishonestly.

Fornication is another common sin. Sometimes the animal nature of a person takes precedence over his spiritual aspirations, and a person embarks on all the difficult. In Orthodoxy, even a depraved look at a woman is considered fornication. Profanity, reading and viewing pornographic material are also considered sinful.

Envy is considered sinful only if it leads to harm to one's neighbor. This is the so-called "black" envy. It is somewhat reminiscent of pride, since a person, envying someone, also expresses dissatisfaction with the existing order of things, which is established by God.

Despondency leads a person to depression and sometimes to suicide. It all starts with the fact that a person is simply too lazy to do good deeds and arrange his life. This gradually turns into the fact that a person ceases to feel fear of God and rely on him.

Anger clouds the mind of a person and completely takes over it. Because of him, a person is capable of anything to get rid of this unpleasant feeling. Quite often, strife and murder are committed on the basis of anger. Of course, the case does not always end with assault, but hatred and enmity between people always remain.

Gluttony is expressed in the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as non-observance of prescribed fasts.

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