How To Pray To The Saints

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How To Pray To The Saints
How To Pray To The Saints

It is sometimes difficult for people who are far from the church to understand why to pray to the saints, if there is Jesus Christ. The theme of the veneration of saints has retained its significance for many centuries. Let's try to figure it out.

How to pray to the saints
How to pray to the saints


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The main argument of a person who doubted the need to address the prayer word to the saints is the words from Holy Scripture, which says that one must worship and serve the Lord God alone. Indeed, is not praying to a saint a violation of this commandment?

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The tradition of venerating saints goes back to those distant times when the apostles were still performing their deeds. And this tradition in no way tries to replace the essence of faith in the Lord and service to Him. A person who took torment for Christ, immediately after death, turned into an object of veneration for the followers of Christ's teachings. Prayers were offered up at the graves of the very first martyrs. However, the honor given to the saints can in no way be considered equal to the honor given to God.

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At all times, mankind has honored the memory of those who laid down their heads on the battlefield for their Fatherland. Proof of this is the numerous monuments erected in order to perpetuate the deeds and glory of these people, to convey to future generations. In the same way, Christians honor those who, by their lives in the name of the Lord, or even by their martyrdom, have pleased Him.

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When addressing a prayer to this or that saint, the believer enlists his invisible support before the Divine throne. The same thing happens in worldly life when we ask an influential person to put in a word for us before the authorities. In this sense, the saints are helpers and guides of our aspirations, turning to God.

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And yet, when creating a prayer to the saints, it is important to remember that our request is ultimately sent to the Lord, as the Giver of all blessings. After all, the saints in their unselfish service turned to Him.

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It is hardly appropriate in this article to list all the saints to whom a Christian believer can turn for help in intercession before the Lord. For example, below is the so-called "Prayer to the beloved saint", which you can use at will:

Step 7

“The pleasing of God (name). Remember us in your auspicious prayers before Christ God, may He save us from temptation, sickness and sorrow, may He grant us humility, love, discernment and meekness, and may He grant us, unworthy ones, His Kingdom. Amen"

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