Which Saints To Pray For Health

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Which Saints To Pray For Health
Which Saints To Pray For Health
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Illness is one of the worst ills that can come to every home. And sometimes traditional methods of treatment are powerless to help, or this help is simply not enough. Believers from time immemorial, in case of illness, have asked not only for physical help, but also for spiritual support.

Which saints to pray for health
Which saints to pray for health


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Sincere prayer not only strengthens the patient's inner strength, allows him to feel the support of loved ones, sometimes it is faith that allows a person to survive and even recover when all the forecasts do not promise anything good.

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Very often, when faced with a misfortune or illness, we ask ourselves the question - to whom to pray for help. It is important to understand that in Orthodoxy all prayers are directed to the Lord. When we turn to the saints and the Mother of God for help, we ask them to pray for us before the Lord. In other words, we expect help from the Most High, the saints support our prayers, strengthen and strengthen them. However, according to tradition, with certain diseases, they most often turn to certain saints for intercession. The reason lies in the history of their life on earth, as well as in the history of healings associated with their intercession and help.

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It is customary to address with prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ about the health and healing of one's own and those of one's loved ones, as well as before the icons of the Most Holy Theotokos "Joy of All Who Sorrow" and "Healer". Saint Panteleimon is considered one of the most revered saints-healers. He was a doctor in his secular life, being baptized and believing in Christ, he devoted his life to the disinterested healing of the suffering. After his death, believers continue to turn to him for help.

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In case of eye diseases and visual impairment, it is customary to pray in front of the "Kazan" icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. The story of the acquisition of this icon began precisely with the healing of two blind people. Also, with a request for the restoration of vision, they often turn to Saint Longinus the Centurion. Longinus was one of the officers serving on Calvary at the foot of the crucifixion. He believed in Christ, recognized his divine essence. According to legend, it was Longinus who was the officer who pierced the ribs of the Savior with a spear and found healing of sore eyes from the bleeding blood.

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Very often married couples who are unable to have children turn to the patron saints for help. Prayers for the gift of children are addressed to Saints Joachim and Anna, the righteous parents of the Virgin Mary. For many years they themselves could not have offspring, and only after long and earnest prayers did they receive the good news about the forthcoming birth of a long-awaited child. With the same misfortune, an endless stream of believers goes to the relics of Matrona of Moscow, where they find consolation, support and very often long-awaited joyful news about the upcoming birth of a baby.

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And yet, when asking for help and intercession to the saints, the most important thing is not what icon you ask for this help, the main thing is to apply with sincere faith and hope for healing.

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