How To Plunge Into The Holy Spring

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How To Plunge Into The Holy Spring
How To Plunge Into The Holy Spring

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Plunging into the holy spring, a person experiences the miraculous effect of divine power and the influence of underground water. They relieve disease and spoilage. A person with a prepared soul will experience grace. Therefore, before going to the holy source, you must visit the temple.

When immersed in a holy spring, a person experiences not only the miraculous effect of divine power. Water has a memory. If it is underground, its "information matrix" is absolutely pure. Water washes away electromagnetic fields "induced" or caused by disease.

In the old days, people were treated for damage or ailments by wading a fast river in water up to their neck. In case of severe illness, they immersed themselves in seven different holy springs with a break of a week. Significant relief came 4-5 times.

Before the trip

The holy spring will accept not only the Orthodox. A person of any religion can plunge. The main thing is that he reveres God and the Holy One. I came with a sincere desire to be cured of diseases.

Before leaving, visit the temple, confess and receive the Holy Communion. It is beneficial to fast the day before. Prepare slippers, a towel, and a bathing shirt (if the font is open).

You cannot plunge into the holy spring during exacerbation of chronic diseases. After a plentiful meal, drinking alcohol. The effect will be negative. People don't come to the holy spring to have fun. It is a sin.

At the holy source

When you arrive, visit the chapel first. Pray to the Holy One and submit a note with a request or wish. Light a candle. You can put the money in the donation mug. Wash your face from the pipe and drink holy water.

Next, queue up to the source. Respect other pilgrims. Don't rush them. Give everyone the opportunity to do what they came to do. Wait calmly at the bench or parking lot.

Arrange with one of your companions or in line for a hand after washing.

To experience grace

You can dive into the source with your head if you are confident in your well-being and the power of prayer. With such a bath, the heart stops. The temperature rises to 40 degrees for a few minutes. The body is experiencing a short-term stress. This stimulates the immune system.

Be baptized the first time and say: "In the name of the Father." Plunge into your head. Then say, "In the name of the Son." The third time should be said: "In the name of the Holy Spirit." Dive in and don't forget: "Amen." Otherwise, you can plunge headlessly or splash yourself with holy water from a bucket.

Thank You Lord

After bathing, you will feel how the skin "burns". The body became light. The head cleared up. A person with a prepared soul will experience grace.

Some people feel bad. They swear, shout, show aggression. They need to visit the holy spring with an accompanying person.

Thank the Holy One and the Lord God after leaving the font.

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