How To Develop Facial Expressions

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How To Develop Facial Expressions
How To Develop Facial Expressions

Video: How To Develop Facial Expressions

Video: How To Develop Facial Expressions
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All our emotions are accompanied by facial expressions. Thanks to facial expressions, we can understand whether a person is happy or sad, angry, or, conversely, is in a good mood. Facial expressions can and should be developed. Firstly, a person who owns it well, is more charming, charismatic. Secondly, this skill will allow you to better deal with your emotions and reflect on your face only those feelings that are necessary.

How to develop facial expressions
How to develop facial expressions

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Step 1

The first exercise is a warm-up. You need a mirror. This exercise will involve all the moving parts of the face. It is necessary to alternately move the eyebrows, then the eyes, then the lips. You can do absolutely any action: raise and lower your eyebrows, roll your eyes, etc. This exercise should be performed for 3-5 minutes.

Step 2

The second exercise is aimed at studying your face so that you can master it well. Imagine an emotion, such as fear. Remember what kind of facial expression should be, and try to reproduce it. Play around. Try to portray completely different emotions: surprise, joy, sadness, delight, etc.

Step 3

There are also exercises for certain parts of the face that help maintain facial muscles in tone, which, in turn, helps to tighten the contours of the face, smooth the skin, prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles. The following exercise will help to restore the skin around the eyes to its former elasticity and tone. Close and relax your eyes. Then, for about five seconds, bring your eyes to the bridge of the nose. Open your eyes and look straight ahead. Then close your eyes again. Take five sets.

Step 4

To smooth out the nasolabial folds, pinch the area with your thumb and forefinger for two minutes. With the help of mimic exercises, you can add extra volume to your lips: compress your lips and pinch them from the middle to the corners. This exercise must also be done for two minutes.

Step 5

You can get rid of the double chin by uttering the sound "ks", while the lips must be well stretched so that the neck muscles are strained. Fix this position for five seconds, and then, uttering the sound "o", return to the starting position. Repeat five times.