Zegers Kevin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Zegers Kevin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Zegers Kevin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Zegers Kevin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Zegers Kevin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Kevin Joseph Zegers is a Canadian actor who became famous for the films King of the Air, Transamerica, Smallville, Doctor House, Dawn of the Dead, Frozen. In 1998, he won the Best Young Actor Award for the lead role in The King of the Air. Kevin also received the Chopard Trophy Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.

Kevin Zegers
Kevin Zegers

To date, Zegers has starred in more than 50 films, his name became known not only in his native country, but also far beyond its borders. Having played the lead role in the film "Transamerica", Kevin won the Cannes Film Festival, and the film itself was nominated twice for "Oscar".

Childhood and adolescence

The boy was born in Canada in the fall of 1984. In addition to him, the family raised two more daughters. Kevin's father was a worker, and his mother taught at a local school. The boy spent his childhood in Woodstock, where he graduated from high school.

Despite the fact that his family had nothing to do with art, the boy began his creative biography early thanks to his external data and natural talent. He worked in a modeling studio, at the age of six he began acting in commercials. He has more than 30 commercials on his account. This allowed Kevin to adapt to the filming process and was very useful in his further acting career.

Creative career

A year later, the young artist was invited to television: first to shoot the series "Labyrinth of Justice", and then to the picture "An urgent need for a star", where the boy got a small role. Another small role Kevin got when he was ten years old, in one of the episodes of the famous TV series "The X-Files". This was followed by work in the films: "Free Willie", "In the Jaws of Madness", the TV series "The Road to Avonlea", "Goosebumps", "Merchants", "The Architect of Shadows". We can say that from the age of six, Zegers became a professional actor and throughout his later life did not stop acting in films.

The main role first went to Kevin in The King of the Air, released in 1997, which tells the story of a dog who learned to play basketball. The film became very popular with viewers, and filmmakers praised Zegers' work, presenting him with the "Best Young Actor of the Year" award.

Zegers' acting career began to gain momentum, over the next years he constantly starred in films and TV series: "Titans", "Fear of the Dark", "Wrong Turn", "Smallville", "Dawn of the Dead", "Return to Sleepy Hollow "," House Doctor "and several sequels of the picture" King of the Air ".

After a series of episodic and not too bright images, Kevin gets the main role in the film "Transamerica", which is nominated for an "Oscar", and at the Cannes Film Festival the actor receives one of the main prizes. The film tells about the difficult relationship between a bisexual boy and his father, who is saving money for a sex change operation. The excellent performance of Zegers in such a complex and controversial film was recognized not only by the public, but also by film critics.

Today the actor continues to work actively in the cinema, starring in new projects and numerous TV series.

Personal life

Kevin was credited with many novels and intrigues with the stars of cinema, among which were the names of Marisa Kohlan, Samira Armstrog, Paris Hilton. The actor himself often did not comment on his relationship.

One of the rumors that appeared about Zegers' romance with Jamie Field turned out to be true. In 2013, young people formalized their relationship and became husband and wife. The couple met for almost five years, and all this time Jamie was the actor's personal manager, selecting the best offers and new film projects for him.

Two years after the wedding, the couple had twins Zoë Madison and Blake Everly.

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