How To Become A Monk

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How To Become A Monk
How To Become A Monk

Video: How To Become A Monk

Video: How To Become A Monk
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A monk is a person who has departed from the world. Becoming a monk is not easy, but it’s even harder to never regret it. Vowing is a very serious decision, which implies the rejection of all the benefits of life: communication with the opposite sex, technology, entertainment. The priests recommend that you take this issue very seriously and in no case should you rush to accept monasticism.

Where to begin

If you have a desire to become a monk, go to your spiritual father. In the course of confession and conversation, the priest will be able to understand how sincere your aspiration is. Many decide to leave the world only because they do not have relationships in the family or have problems communicating with the opposite sex. This cannot be a reason for going to a monastery. The reasons for monasticism are sincere faith and the desire to devote your life to serving God.

At the first stage, the confessor will recommend that you test yourself by creating conditions that are closest to life in a monastery. You will have to learn to get up at five in the morning every day and start your morning with prayers, attend church often, observe all the fasts, and read the works of the church fathers and the Holy Scriptures. You will also need to limit yourself in nutrition: give up excesses and eat only the food that is necessary for normal physiological existence. In addition, it is necessary to refuse to communicate with the opposite sex, watch television programs and a computer. You will need to live in this mode for at least a year.

The next stage is a visit to the monastery

If you have survived a year of monastic life, ask the priest to recommend a monastery to you. After choosing a monastery, go to it to chat with your mentor. Most likely, after talking with you, the monastery instructor will suggest that you live in the monastery for some time in order to get used to it and take a closer look at the situation. This is a very important step: you will be able to get an idea of monastic life before taking the tonsure and, possibly, change your mind.

Sometimes people who have lived in a monastery begin to understand that monasticism is not their vocation. There is nothing wrong with this, since only a few are created in order to become real monks. During your life in the monastery, the mentor and other monks will look at you to determine the degree of your readiness to leave the world.

If after living in a monastery your decision does not change, then the mentor will appoint the next stage - preparation for tonsure. Be prepared that the preparation can be very lengthy and end up being asked to return home and think again. Monasticism is, first of all, a feat of obedience, so you will have to humble yourself and exactly follow the instructions of your mentor. The tonsure will take place only if the monks, mentors and priests are convinced of your complete readiness to serve and renounce the mortal world forever.

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