How To Stop A Conflict

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How To Stop A Conflict
How To Stop A Conflict

Video: How To Stop A Conflict

Video: How To Stop A Conflict
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There are often situations when people, overwhelmed with emotions, conflict in full view of everyone. Almost any person who does not control himself at a certain point in time can find himself in a similar position. And it's good if there is someone nearby who can extinguish the conflict, or the quarreling people themselves find the opportunity to end it.

How to stop a conflict
How to stop a conflict


Step 1

If you are a direct participant in the conflict, you are overwhelmed with emotions, and you shout in response to angry abuse, find the strength to take at least a short pause. Just keep silent in response to the next attack on you. If you do not throw wood into the fire, the unpleasant situation will exhaust itself.

Step 2

Try to distract yourself with something else. Take a deep breath, then exhale slowly, practice this breathing for a while. Try to count slowly to yourself to at least ten.

Step 3

Pretend not to hear the person attacking you, find a reason to feel sorry for him. Visualize the following picture: here your “enemy” is lying on the bed, he is all pale, weak, he is beaten with fever, and you are standing over him - healthy and cheerful.

Step 4

Find the strength to say to the angry curses spewed out at you: "God is with you (with you)", and do it calmly, without emotions. After that, it is better to turn around and leave, do not wait for the continuation of reciprocal insults. There is no shame in not responding with aggression to aggression. On the contrary, by doing this you will only demonstrate your wisdom and maturity.

Step 5

When a person refuses to answer evil for evil, an important law of the universe comes into play. Communication between people is not only on the verbal, but also on the energetic level. When they are angry with you, they really direct the flow of negative energy in your direction. And here a lot depends on whether you accept it or remain indifferent to it. If you do, you will immediately feel anger in yourself. But if you can stay calm, negative energy, not finding the addressee, will return to its owner. In this case, an aggressive person beats himself, which negatively affects both his health and the events taking place with him.

Step 6

The sages of the East say that inner silence can stop even the hand of a murderer or the throw of a snake. But if a person only retains the semblance of calm, while in fact everything is boiling inside him, the method will not work. Calmness must be cultivated - just try observing yourself in a difficult situation. This will give you the necessary pause, the opportunity to soberly assess the situation. Over time, you will find that your calmness in itself makes your life much less conflicted.

Step 7

If you are still unable to remain calm in a situation where you are being insulted, try energetic defenses. For example, visualize on your head a large cap or top hat, an umbrella covering you from your opponent, a wall of water or fire separating you from him, or a mirror pointed by the reflecting side away from you. A good option is to visualize the protective mirror cocoon around you.

Step 8

Do not forget that many conflicts can be easily extinguished by simply finding the strength to smile or turning everything into a joke. Defuse the situation with some question, even if it is ridiculous in this situation. It is important to knock the conflict out of its channel: as soon as a hitch arises, it will be very easy to extinguish the quarrel. Just don't feed her, go against her logic, and the unpleasant situation will quickly disappear.

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