How To Find A Person By Last Name

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How To Find A Person By Last Name
How To Find A Person By Last Name

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Want to find your old friend? You will probably succeed, even if you only have a last name. The modern world, thanks to the developed network of communications, practically does not give the opportunity to completely get lost.

How to find a person by last name
How to find a person by last name

It is necessary

  • - a computer,
  • - the Internet,
  • - telephone.


Step 1

Enter the desired surname in all Internet search engines known to you. For example, and often give different results for the same query. Use writing not only in Cyrillic, but also in Latin. If your friend moved to live abroad, then his surname now looks different.

Step 2

Add the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar. Even if the surname is rare enough, it alone is not enough. You don't need to enter a name unless you're looking for a celebrity. Then the search engines will give the desired link in the first lines.

Step 3

Save any useful information you find. It is possible that the person you need was published somewhere, spoke, posted his resume. Using these facts, you can try to find it already using the phone and the coordinates found.

Step 4

Search the most popular social networks. Search engines will give you some of the answers. For example, Google will report registered users on its Google+ network and Facebook. Yandex will provide information about joining My Circle, Mail will tell you about the participants in My World.

Step 5

Log in to your Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki accounts to search there for the desired surname. If you are not a user of them, you will either have to register or ask someone you know about the service who uses these networks.

Step 6

In addition to your name, add your year of birth and intended place of residence to your search query. In this case, you will have to view less unnecessary information.

Step 7

Remember with whom this person can maintain a relationship, correspond. This is necessary if the search does not return any results Perhaps the person you want prefers to use a nickname or pseudonym. Then you need to apply another tactic: look for "about".

Step 8

Look through the lists of friends of the wanted person's former acquaintances. Perhaps someone has already established contact with him. And you will find a person no longer by name, but by photograph.

Step 9

Refer to the help of specialized resources if your own searches have not yielded results.

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