How To Tell Glass From Gemstones

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How To Tell Glass From Gemstones
How To Tell Glass From Gemstones

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In our difficult time, when fraud is almost not punishable and very profitable, the consumer has to be much more careful when buying, for example, jewelry. If you are not a professional in this field, how to tell a glass counterfeit from a gemstone? There are ways.

How to tell glass from gemstones
How to tell glass from gemstones


Step 1

Glass fakes will always be warmer to the touch. Try the stone with the tip of your tongue, after taking it, for example, with tweezers (so as not to heat it from your hands). A real stone must be cold.

Step 2

If you look through a diamond into the light, then, due to the specificity of the reflection of light from its edges, you will see only a bright point in the stone.

Step 3

Diamond is a very hard mineral and, unlike fakes, is capable of leaving scratches on glass and other polished stones.

Step 4

Treated topaz will feel slightly soapy to the touch. In addition, its counterfeits often look much more attractive and larger than the stones themselves (the same applies to rubies).

Step 5

Grenades have a slight magnetic effect, by which they can (although not easily) be identified.

Step 6

If the veils of the emerald are twisted, then, for sure, synthetic is in front of you.

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