What's Happening In Berlin On May 9th

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What's Happening In Berlin On May 9th
What's Happening In Berlin On May 9th

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Many Russians wonder what happens on May 9 in Berlin. What are the official measures, are the Germans lamenting their defeat or, on the contrary, rejoicing at the liberation of their country from fascism? But before answering such questions, you should know that May 9 in Germany is a normal working day. However, this does not mean at all that the Germans tried to simply forget such a wonderful date.

What's happening in Berlin on May 9th
What's happening in Berlin on May 9th

Official events

Official events in Berlin are held a day earlier than our usual time; not on the 9th, but on the 8th of May (it was on this day that the act of unconditional surrender was signed).

The Germans do not hold very magnificent celebrations (on the same scale as in the Russian Federation), but they organize festive events with the laying of wreaths. Specifically in Berlin, flowers and wreaths are laid at the memorial to the soldiers-liberators in Treptower Park. Official representatives of many European countries are taking part in this.

Treptow Park becomes the main object of the holiday, because 7 thousand Soviet soldiers who fought for the liberation of Germany and all of Europe from Nazism are buried on the territory of the memorial. Although other Soviet memorials in Berlin are not ignored either.

At this time, TV programs often show programs dedicated to the Third Reich and its subsequent fall. On May 8, the Red Army and the allies talk about the liberation of Europe from fascism with particular intensity.

Informal events

Does this mean that the next day, May 9, nothing at all happens in Berlin? Not at all.

Unofficially, May 9 is celebrated mainly by Russian-speaking citizens and tourists of Berlin. And they do it, it is worth noting, with a truly Russian scale. And our compatriots are joined by both ordinary citizens of Berlin and various German political groups (mainly of the left: communists, socialists, anarchists, anti-fascists).

The main place for the “holiday with tears in our eyes” is also the Soviet memorial in Treptow Park. On May 9, there are no less people here than the day before. The main object of the memorial, the monument to the soldier-liberator, is simply littered with flowers that day. Although a lot of flowers are laid on other statues in the main alley of the park.

When veterans with military awards, banners and wreaths appear in the park, everything in the area freezes for a while. Veterans walk through the park to the pedestal for several hours, because they are constantly surrounded by people asking questions and listening attentively to every word of these amazing heroes.

When the memory of departed and still living liberators is honored, the fun continues. In the neighboring park, located across the street from the memorial complex in the direction of the river, there is usually a field kitchen, where everyone can be treated to free soldier's buckwheat porridge with stewed meat and front-line 100 grams. Various German and Russian rock bands also perform there.

In addition to Treptower Park, there are many other Soviet memorial complexes in Berlin, where a lot of people also gather on this day. The ratio of Russian-speakers and Germans everywhere is about 70% to 30%, respectively. Many of both have ribbons and carnations of St. George. Everywhere a festive and light atmosphere reigns, the music of the war years is heard and the hope soars invisibly over everything that the ugly paw of Nazism will never again touch the world.

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