Vakhtang Konstantinovich Kikabidze: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Vakhtang Konstantinovich Kikabidze: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Vakhtang Konstantinovich Kikabidze: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Vakhtang Kikabidze is a famous Georgian singer and actor. The most famous is the song "My Years - My Wealth" performed by him. Several films with the participation of Kikabidze entered the Golden Fund.

Vakhtang Kikabidze
Vakhtang Kikabidze

Early years, adolescence

Vakhtang Konstantinovich was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on July 19, 1938. His father is a journalist, his mother is a singer. At the beginning of the war, Vakhtang's father went missing, the boy was raised by his uncle.

Mother often took Vakhtang to the theater where she performed, but the boy was not interested in either singing or acting. He devoted a lot of time to drawing. Vakhtang studied poorly, did not have time for mathematics.

Once Kikabidze attended a rehearsal of a musical group, where his friend played, and also wanted to take up music. Vakhtang began to play drums and began to sing.

After graduating from school, Kikabidze entered the university, where he studied for 2 years, then worked at the Tbilisi Philharmonic. In 1961, Vakhtang entered the Institute of Foreign Languages, but dropped out after 2 years.

Creative biography

During his work at the Philharmonic, Vakhtang sang songs in various languages ​​(Russian, Georgian, Italian, English). He copied the manner of performance from the stars. The collective often went on tour.

Later Kikabidze created the "Dielo" group, then became a member of the "Orera" group. He began to sing, play drums. According to Vakhtang himself, "Orera" became the first VIA in the Union. The group had a lot of tours, 8 records were released.

Later, Kikabizde decided to perform solo. His first album "While the Heart Sings" was released in 1979. The composition "Chito Gvrito" sounds in the picture "Mimino". Then a disc called "Wish" was released, Vakhtang performed the songs of Aleksey Hekimyan, a composer who was his friend. The composition "My Years - My Wealth" became popular.

In the 80s, photos of Kikabidze could often be seen in magazines. In the 90s, the singer continued to record songs, in the early 2000s the disc "Georgia, my love" was released, clips appeared.

In parallel with performances on the stage, Kikabidze acted in films. In 1966, the group saw the performances of the film studios, Vakhtang was offered to participate in the filming of the movie "Meeting in the Mountains". The next one was work in the film "Don't Cry!" Danelia Georgy. In the future, cooperation with the famous filmmaker continued. The film "Mimino" was also successful. Then there were filming in the movie "Fortuna".

In the 60s, Kikabidze had a shooting in musical films. In 1971 he was invited to play the main character in the movie "Khatabala". The work in the film "I, the Investigator" became successful, the picture was successful. The film "TASS is authorized to declare" also gained popularity.

Personal life

The wife of Vakhtang Konstantinovich was Kebadze Irina, the prima ballerina of the opera house. They got married in 1965, this is his only marriage. They had a son, Konstantin, he became an artist, lives in Canada.

Vakhtang Konstantinovich raised Irina's daughter from the 1st marriage, whose name is Marina. She became an actress, then began teaching at the university.

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