How To Organize A Charity Concert

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How To Organize A Charity Concert
How To Organize A Charity Concert

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Charity concerts are a sign of the consciousness of society, the desire of people to help the disadvantaged. And although they are not able to completely solve the existing problems, they make the world around a little better and kinder.

How to organize a charity concert
How to organize a charity concert


Step 1

A charity concert involves fundraising for someone's help. Decide who you want to help by organizing the event. Contact one of the charity organizations in your city. As a rule, they are interested in any outside help. Together define the theme of the concert and the purpose for which the event will be organized. For example, fundraising for the treatment of a sick child or helping an orphanage.

Step 2

Find a venue for the concert. Contact the houses of culture, clubs, cafes. Some of them are interested not so much in order to obtain benefits, but because of personal compassion and a desire to provide all possible help. If you are having difficulty finding a venue for a concert, contact the youth affairs committee or another organization that can help resolve the issue.

Step 3

Make an agreement with those who wish to perform at the charity concert. Make a rough outline of what you want to see during your presentation in advance. This will help avoid the clutter of the event. For the performance, involve musical groups, theater studios, poets, amateur groups. Check out their work so that there are no incidents during the event.

Step 4

Take care of the informational support of the concert. Send announcement letters to local newspapers and TV stations. If you have fellow journalists, ask them to help if possible. Try to get a response, as media stories will help spread the word. The same applies to advertising - distribute posters, use the Internet.

Step 5

Try to find sponsorship. It can be expressed in facilitating the organization of a concert, covering some material costs (for example, renting premises and equipment), and allocating funds.

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