How To Seal Doors

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How To Seal Doors
How To Seal Doors

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For the safety of their property, material values, documents and other information, the method of sealing the premises is now widely used. When sealing a door, it is easy to calculate the fact and approximate time of opening, which makes it possible to quickly identify violators. Doors, as a rule, are sealed either for a long time, or they are sealed daily. It all depends on the situation.

How to seal doors
How to seal doors


Step 1

Create an order at the enterprise on behalf of the director on the need to seal the door. The order must indicate the reasons for establishing the seal, the timing, a description of the sealing procedure, the circle of responsible persons. Doors can be sealed for a long time, for example, if it is necessary to leave the property in the premises intact. Daily sealing is necessary in order to ensure that no one has entered the premises during the absence of the person in charge. Warehouses are usually sealed every time the property in it is used or new property is added. In this case, it is necessary to draw up an appropriate act.

Step 2

Seal the door with a strip of paper or an industrial seal. On the seal it is necessary to write or print information about when the door was sealed, by what order. Put the seal of the company and the signature of one of the responsible persons on the seal. Stick the seal paper so that when you open the door, it will surely break in half.

Step 3

Draw up an appropriate act if it is necessary to remove the sealing seal. If the seal is broken and the room is opened every day, then this procedure should be carried out only by the responsible person. In this case, an act is drawn up indicating the date and time of removal of the seal, as well as the reasons. If the door was sealed for a long time, then break the seal only by order of the director of the enterprise, indicating the reasons, date and identification of the responsible persons.

Step 4

Write a statement to the police and draw up an act in case the seal breaks. If the seal was torn off illegally, then draw up an act in which you indicate the date of the incident and a list of the missing property (in the event that something disappeared and was stolen). On the basis of the act, write a statement to the police.

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