How To Bypass A Stationary Bus

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How To Bypass A Stationary Bus
How To Bypass A Stationary Bus

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Adults, and many children, in response to the question of how to bypass standing vehicles, can easily answer that the bus and trolleybus should be bypassed in the back, and the tram in the front. Are you giving this question correctly? Looking into the Rules of the road, you will be surprised not to find an answer in them.

How to bypass a stationary bus
How to bypass a stationary bus


Step 1

Try to think logically. If a pedestrian goes around the bus from behind, then he will be in front of vehicles that are moving in the opposite direction. Such a "meeting" is extremely dangerous, since the car cannot be stopped instantly. If a pedestrian goes around the bus in front, as many hurrying adults do, then in this case he will not see the transport following in the same direction. Likewise, the driver of a vehicle moving in the same direction cannot see a pedestrian because of a standing bus. As a result, an emergency situation arises.

Step 2

In order to avoid such emergencies, adults should definitely show children such mistakes of pedestrians on the street, and even independently simulate situations together. Take your child by the hand and walk over to the bus outside the bus stop. Show him that because of a standing vehicle, part of the carriageway is hidden, and if the road is not visible, therefore, you cannot go out on it.

Step 3

Unfortunately, some parents do not teach their children this, forgetting or neglecting the upbringing of the child regarding behavior on the road. As a result, there are cases when, unknowingly, a child runs out onto the road from behind a standing vehicle, being confident in safety, then falling under the wheels of a moving vehicle.

Step 4

It is extremely important to teach the child to cross the road, finding a place where the roadway will be clearly visible in both directions for a sufficiently long distance. Such a place will be at a marked pedestrian crossing or at an intersection. Thus, getting off the bus or trolleybus, you need to walk to the sidewalk or shoulder, then walk along the sidewalk or shoulder to the nearest pedestrian crossing or intersection and cross the road there.

Step 5

The transition itself should be carried out in two stages: first, you need to go through several steps, reaching a bus or other vehicle that limits visibility on the roadway; After making sure that you can clearly see the road, and the drivers can see you well, check that the nearest vehicle is at a distance of at least 50 meters, and only then cross the road. It would be even better to wait until the standing bus, trolleybus or other transport covering the view leaves, and then cross the road.

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