How To Get A Contract Service

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How To Get A Contract Service
How To Get A Contract Service

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There are several options for the origin of military service. Or you want to go to serve as a private by conscription, or by contract (as a private or an officer). Both in the first and in the second case, there are peculiarities that must be taken into account.

How to get a contract service
How to get a contract service

It is necessary

  • - document on secondary or incomplete higher education;
  • - application to the local military registration and enlistment office.


Step 1

Contract service is becoming increasingly popular among today's young fighters. After all, you can safely graduate from university and get a job in life, and then join the army on a contract basis. For this, there is a special unit in the military registration and enlistment office, which is engaged in the recruitment of contract soldiers. They have a list of vacancies from which the future soldier can choose the option most suitable for him.

Step 2

Go to the military registration and enlistment office at your place of residence and inquire about the department dealing with contract employees. Here you will be offered vacancies, from which you can choose a suitable one. For example, this could be the position of an officer.

Step 3

Go to the medical board, go through all the necessary doctors, collect the necessary certificates. Take a referral from a therapist, or at the military registration and enlistment office. You will need to take a certificate about an ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, dentist, surgeon, neurologist and other narrow specialists.

Step 4

Then go to the military unit for a trial period, where they will determine how much you fit them in terms of health, physical condition and other criteria. It is the part that decides about the advisability of accepting a recruit for military service under the contract, if you do not fit, then you will come next time.

Step 5

Do not despair if you were not accepted into the service, go to study at such an educational institution in a country where there is a military department. After successfully completing it, you can get the rank of lieutenant in the reserve, and in some universities, the training of contract officers is already provided, whose duties include serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces for at least three years after graduation. At the same time, reserve officers can at any time conclude a contract with the military for up to five years.

Step 6

Go to study at a higher military educational institution (for example, Suvorov or Nakhimov). This method is suitable for those who wish to build a career as an officer from childhood.

Step 7

Apply to serve in the FSB of the Russian Federation after graduating from a civil university or secondary education. Of course, it is quite difficult to enter there, the performance indicators, strong-willed and psychological, sports achievements, abilities and skills are taken into account.

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