How To Introduce Yourself In A Poetry Competition

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How To Introduce Yourself In A Poetry Competition
How To Introduce Yourself In A Poetry Competition

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Self-presentation is the key moment in the competition. It is not for nothing that so much attention is always paid to him. A lot will depend on whether a person's first appearance on the stage is successful, up to whether he wins the competition or not.

How to introduce yourself in a poetry competition
How to introduce yourself in a poetry competition


Step 1

Decide on the number of verses. Someone may have a lot of them, someone will make a "collage" of poetic excerpts. Both can be a winning option if you figure out in time which method is best for both the competition in general and your performance in it in particular. A person can come out with one short verse and tightly rivet the attention of the audience, another will grovel for a long time and tediously until he is pelted with rotten tomatoes.

Step 2

The content of the verses must necessarily be linked to the concept of the competition being held. This is understandable, and the contestant proceeds from this when he is looking for suitable works. It is more difficult to make the poems accurately convey your view of things, your goals, your nature. The artistic image must match the image that you create in the competition.

Step 3

Another snag related to the content of the poems is that often contestants choose poems by dubious unknown authors, replete with "humor jokes" that no one except the author himself can understand and appreciate. It is better not to take such risks in a competition, unless, of course, it is a competition for the stupidest joke. Humor is an explosive thing: it will either elevate you to a pedestal, or cast you into the abyss of shame. Be careful with him.

Step 4

Often it is not even what the poems are that matters, but how you read them. If recitation is not for you, if at school you always read poetry like a sports news announcer - rather, rather, only you get out of here, then it is probably better to put aside the idea of ​​self-presentation in verse. Give preference to a traditional greeting. But if you are an excellent rhetorician and orator, understand intonation and master the basics of acting, then your performance will surely make a favorable impression.

Step 5

However, be vigilant and don't overplay. Poems draw in inspired people, and the contestant can forget about everything in the world, carried away by the wonderful syllable of the chosen poem. To prevent this from happening, always keep the following things in mind: the place where you are now, the goal you are pursuing, the means that you have chosen to achieve this goal. Be cool internally and control yourself. Then you will succeed.

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