How To Join The Stopham Movement

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How To Join The Stopham Movement
How To Join The Stopham Movement

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The StopHam project was created to promote dignified behavior while driving a car and to combat lawlessness on the roads. Since it is not within the competence of this movement to take action against traffic offenders, its participants chose Internet resources as the main field of work.

How to get into motion
How to get into motion


Step 1

Since the StopHam project is not a non-profit or other organization, joining it does not require filling out numerous questionnaires, passing interviews and trial periods, or paying membership fees. Anyone can become a participant in the movement if he believes that he can at least slightly correct the situation on the roads.

Step 2

Visit the official StopHam website. There you can watch video materials about the work of the movement, and decide if this form of manifestation of your protest against uncivil driving is right for you. You can enter the site using your account on the services "VKontakte", Facebook, Twitter,, Google, LiveJournal, Loginza or "Yandex", but even without the registration procedure, all materials will be available to you.

Step 3

Take part in competitions regularly held by the organizers of the movement. They are usually aimed at drawing attention to cases of regular violations of traffic rules by individual drivers and are quite harmless. In most cases, the purpose of the competition is to remove a showdown on the road with the help of a video recorder, cases of incorrect parking or violation of the markings, but sometimes the organizers show their creative inclinations and offer to cover the car parked on the lawn with an artificial turf. In any case, no one calls on you to spoil other people's property or maim people.

Step 4

If you want to take part in regular actions carried out by the project activists, write a letter about this to [email protected] Keep in mind that during such events (for example, gluing stickers on the windshields of improperly parked cars), conflicts often arise with the drivers of these vehicles, and sometimes it comes to a fight.

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