How To Create A Social Movement

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How To Create A Social Movement
How To Create A Social Movement

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To date, social movements have not been sufficiently studied by sociological sciences. But it is with the emergence of these very social movements that all kinds of transformations of the whole society or its individual structures begin. A social movement is a movement consisting of a certain number of people and pursuing specific political, economic, social or all kinds of other social goals.

How to create a social movement
How to create a social movement


Step 1

In order to create a public movement, it is necessary first of all to apply to the relevant bodies authorized to issue a public movement certificate. In the Russian Federation, such bodies are the Ministry of Justice or its territorial local bodies (to create an all-Russian public movement) and the Main Directorate of the Federal Registration Service in Moscow (to create a regional and interregional public movement).

Step 2

Come up with a name for your social movement - it should be simple and reflect the essence of your activity. Gather at least 3 founders to create a social movement. Remember - both individuals and legal entities can be founders. Prepare documents proving the identity of each founder, as well as copies of these documents (for individuals) or extracts and copies from extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the Russian Federation, if the founder is a legal entity.

Step 3

Prepare constituent documents for the creation of a social movement, including the charter of the society.

Register the legal address at which the social movement will operate.

Prepare documents and their copies confirming the legal address with the full name of its address and your rights to use this premises.

Step 4

Contact the Department of Justice. Write a model application for the creation of a social movement, indicating the purpose of creation and the type of activity. Pay the registration fee. Submit all documents, including payment receipt and application, to the appropriate office.

Step 5

Wait until your documents are reviewed and receive from the relevant authorities a certificate of state registration of a public association, as well as a certificate of assignment of the OGRN and an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Step 6

Follow with all the documents received and the approved charter of the public association to the tax office at the place of registration. Obtain a certificate of registration with the relevant tax authority. Get statistics codes by submitting an application to Mosgorstat.

Step 7

Make a seal for a public association. Carry out registration and get in your hands the corresponding extracts from the funds of social, pension, compulsory health insurance. Open a bank account at the place of registration of the public movement or at the place of residence of one of the co-founders. A social movement has been created - you can safely start your kind of activity, appoint an accountant, lawyer, etc.

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