What Is Itinerant Movement

What Is Itinerant Movement
What Is Itinerant Movement

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The concept of "itinerant movement" originates from the self-designation of Russian Wanderers. This society originated in 1870 in Russia and pursued the idea of ​​depicting people's daily life in a realistic manner. The creativity of the members of the organization became the symbols of the birth of social and realistic painting.

Isaac Levitan. "Quiet abode", 1891
Isaac Levitan. "Quiet abode", 1891


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A new breath in the history of Russian painting

The Itinerant movement, or as it officially called itself - the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, was the main milestone in the development of Russian painting in the second half of the 19th century. The Wanderers emerged as a counterbalance and challenge to the dead and lifeless art of the Academy of Arts, a state bureaucratic body. The Association of the Itinerants became a new mouthful for Russian painting, and most importantly, the society managed to make art understandable to the masses. Neither before nor after has any creative association succeeded in repeating anything like this. In the Association of Peredvizhniks, many Russian artists lit up and subsequently gained world fame, in particular, Ilya Repin, Alexey Savrasov, Isaac Levitan, Vasily Surikov, Vasily Polenov, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Nesterov, Arkhip Kuindzhi and many others. These painters managed to raise Russian painting to a hitherto unprecedented level, giving a new vector of development for many years.

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The reasons for the occurrence of itinerant movement

There is no doubt that itinerant movement arose precisely at the moment when society most needed it. In the 60s in the Russian Empire, the artists of Petrograd and Moscow developed a firm conviction that art requires change. It was necessary to find a form of creativity that could unite both creators and patrons, as well as bring the art itself closer to the viewer, making it more understandable. Therefore, the emergence of such a partnership was only a matter of time. With his appearance, the dreams of several previous generations of artists were able to come true, for whom it was a distant dream, which they could not see with their own eyes during their lifetime.

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Termination of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions

The Fellowship of Traveling Art Exhibitions existed until 1923, reaching its maximum development ten years earlier. Many displacements did not manage to survive the events of the First World War and the bloody terror of 1917, after which their activities began to decline. Never later did not a single Russian artist manage to reach the level that Levitan or Surikov showed to the world. The years of the existence of itinerant movement became the culmination of the development of all Russian painting and a guiding star for all descendants.

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