How To Save Animals

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How To Save Animals
How To Save Animals

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Over time, fewer and fewer wild animals remain on the earth. This is because the world's population is increasing, and the more people there are on the planet, the less space remains for animals to live. Now it is important for us to preserve any kind of animals that nature has created for many millions of years, since the fauna of our nature is not a random accumulation of animals, but a single functioning organism. How do we do this?

Take care of our smaller brothers
Take care of our smaller brothers


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First of all, for this it is necessary to strengthen environmental protection in order to protect the habitats of animals from pollution and destruction. This is the most important and paramount task at the moment.

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Many species of animals are disappearing due to the fact that humans indirectly affect their lives. The thing is that people involuntarily take away from them their natural habitats, their feeding areas. Deforestation, drainage of marshes, plowing of steppes, pollution of the seas and the atmosphere, development of deserts, littering of rivers with industrial waste also negatively affect the number of animals. These human actions exterminate animals as effectively as with the help of traps, poison or a gun.

Step 3

It is also necessary to eradicate such human activities as poaching as soon as possible. It is because of poaching that many species of animals were listed in the Red Book, and some were forever wiped off the face of the earth. Until now, the number of some species of animals continues to decline. Some people mistakenly believe that animals are becoming extinct only because humans hunt them. But this is fundamentally wrong. Without deliberate and rational hunting, which regulates the number of animals and birds, nowadays such animals as deer, roe deer, saigas, etc. would hardly exist.

Step 4

The rational use of the animal world plays an important role. It is necessary to establish a framework for the use of animals, in particular fishing, hunting, etc.

Step 5

And, of course, it is imperative to protect endangered species listed in the Red Book. When starting to protect them, it is necessary to thoroughly clarify the habitat conditions of the species. The most effective form of animal protection is the creation of wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. Practically only on their territory it was possible to preserve such animals as the saiga, kulan, Amur tiger, goral, sika and Bukhara deer. And, of course, zoos provide considerable assistance in the rescue and breeding of rare animals.

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