How To Open A Shelter For Homeless Animals

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How To Open A Shelter For Homeless Animals
How To Open A Shelter For Homeless Animals

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An animal shelter is a place where homeless, lost or abandoned animals, mainly cats and dogs, are kept. At the shelter, they are provided with veterinary care, take care of the animal (feed, watered), look for new owners or a new habitat. To create a shelter on your own, you need a friendly team, a shelter room and sponsors who will help you provide the shelter with everything you need.

How to open a shelter for homeless animals
How to open a shelter for homeless animals

It is necessary

  • - premises for a shelter;
  • - employees to work in the shelter;
  • - material for equipment of enclosures;
  • - animal feed;
  • - means for caring for animals;
  • - medicines.


Step 1

Gather a team that will work with you and help you organize the shelter. Everyone should go about their duties and be responsible for a particular cause. Employees must know how to care for and love animals. It is necessary to have an experienced employee or veterinarian who will constantly monitor the condition of the animals, if necessary, deliver them to the veterinary hospital.

Step 2

Contact your local government department for community relations. There they will tell you how to register an organization correctly.

Step 3

Find a space where you can set up a shelter. The building or premises for a shelter must provide protection for animals and normal living conditions, have sewerage and running water.

Step 4

Equip the room with aviaries, buy food, medicines, animal care products. This will require funds. You will have to look for sponsors who can help the shelter on an ongoing basis. Aviaries should be ventilated or ventilated, be of sufficient size for the animal, and heated during the cold season. The room must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Animals should be kept in single enclosures to make it easier to monitor their health status and to prevent the multiplication of infections. If this is not possible, and the animals are kept several, then the following rules should be observed: do not keep animals of the same sex in the same enclosure, do not put dogs and cats together, keep sick animals separate from healthy ones and isolate aggressive animals from the rest. When keeping several animals in the same room, each should have enough space to stand, lie, turn and sit normally.

Step 5

For each animal admitted to the shelter, you will have to fill out a standard form that contains the description of the animal, health status, medical care and shelter placement.

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