How To Find Out That I Am Wanted

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How To Find Out That I Am Wanted
How To Find Out That I Am Wanted

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The search is the search for people by the internal law enforcement agencies of the country. A person can be wanted for various reasons. How do you know that you are wanted?

How to find out that I am wanted
How to find out that I am wanted


Step 1

First, figure out what are the main categories of being wanted, and assign yourself to any of them. If you disappear from home, do not show up at work, at your acquaintances, friends and in other familiar places, do not answer calls, do not make yourself known in any way for at least three days and you have a person who is worried about you, then do not hesitate - you are definitely on the wanted list. Make sure of this by coming to the nearest police station. Please note that the police have been looking for missing persons for 15 years.

Step 2

Make inquiries at the police station - your closest relatives may be looking for you if you do not contact them for a long time. Then the search will last 5 years. Again, go to the police station and explain why you do not want to communicate. Please note that the police can give your address only with your consent, if you are an adult.

Step 3

Check yourself in a database of criminals. The criminal investigation department is very different from others. Just go to the police station and ask if you are wanted, and you will not be able to get out with a positive answer. Go to the official website of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs. There are photos of wanted criminals. Also take a look at the Interpol website if you have done something serious on an international scale.

Step 4

Pay attention to advertisements with portraits posted on poles and special boards. You will also be wanted if, during the suspended sentence, you failed to check in with the police for a disrespectful reason.

Step 5

Find out if you are looking for among another category of wanted - young people who do not want to serve in the army, i.e. "Deviators". If summons came to the military commissariat, and they were handed to you personally, and you ignored the appearance, then there is every chance of being wanted. To find out for sure, ask your relatives to go to the military commissar and find out if he has submitted a written appeal to the internal affairs bodies.

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