How To Ask For Help From A Matron

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How To Ask For Help From A Matron
How To Ask For Help From A Matron

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Saint Matrona of Moscow, or Matushka Matrona (Matryona), is a Russian blessed one who was canonized by the Orthodox Church. Matryona was born blind, and at the age of 17 her legs were taken away. However, since childhood, people were drawn to the girl, she helped many, got rid of diseases, gave wise advice beyond her years, prayed for everyone. Matrona Matrona lived her adult life in Moscow, wandered and starved, but at the same time continued to heal everyone who asked her for help. She is one of the most revered saints in modern Russia, a healer of the sick, a defender of the family hearth, an assistant in everyday affairs. Many who turned to Matrona with prayer claim that their life has changed dramatically.

Mother Matrona did not refuse requests to anyone
Mother Matrona did not refuse requests to anyone


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In Moscow, in the Intercession Monastery, there is a shrine with the holy relics (remains) of Mother Matrona. A huge number of people come to pray to these relics every day. It is believed that a simple touch of cancer can work a miracle: after visiting the relics of Matrona, seriously ill people are healed, women find families and children, students enter universities and take sessions … It is believed that you can ask Matrona even about the smallest, most pressing matters. Sometimes the relics of the saint go on a pilgrimage trip across Russia, so not only Muscovites and guests of the capital have a chance to touch them.

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You can buy an icon with the image of Matrona in the temple and pray to her. The text of the prayer of the blessed mother (matushka) Matrona is as follows: "O blessed mother Matrono, your soul is in Heaven before the throne of God, your body rest on earth, and with the grace given from above, various miracles radiate. Look now with your merciful eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your days are dependent, comfort us, desperate, heal our fierce ailments, from God we are allowed by our sin, save us from many troubles and circumstances, beg our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive us all our sins, iniquities and the fall In the image we have sinned from our youth even to the present day and hour, but through your prayers we have received grace and great mercy, let us glorify in the Trinity the One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen. " As a rule, the worshipers add a few words on their own, in which they ask the mother to help them (with healing, childbirth, marriage, and so on).

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Memorial Day of Mother Matrona - May 2. It is believed that it is on this date that the main miracles take place, which Saint Matrona bestows on those who ask her for something. Even during her lifetime, mother did not refuse requests to anyone, she fulfilled even the smallest, everyday wishes. But she did not allow people to turn to healers and psychics at the same time. Therefore, when asking Matrona for something, you should not resort to anyone else's help.

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