How To Ask God For Help

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How To Ask God For Help
How To Ask God For Help

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How to ask God for help?

Who with constancy and reverence is engaged in prayer (oral), pronouncing its words aloud or in a whisper, as appropriate, and enclosing the mind in words; Whoever, during his prayerful deed, constantly rejects all thoughts and dreams, not only sinful and vain, but apparently good, - to him the merciful Lord grants in due time an intelligent, heartfelt and sincere prayer.

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How to ask God for help
How to ask God for help


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The simplest form of talking to God is home prayer. It is advisable to pray in front of the icons, with a lit candle. In Orthodoxy, it is customary to pray while standing, only sick and old people are allowed to pray while sitting. Any prayer begins with the sign of the cross, which is placed on the forehead, stomach, right and left shoulder. Realizing our sinfulness, we accompany prayer with bows, which symbolizes our reverence for God. While praying, a person can ask God for help in any life situations and problems. In prayer it is not true, to seek the blessings of the earth, but it is correct to ask for the blessings of the heavens.

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Angels are divine creatures that connect the earthly and heavenly worlds. It is very easy to ask angels for help. Formulate an intention or desire and say it out loud or to yourself. A person can call for help from angels in any situation. You don't have to be a โ€œsaintโ€ or a deeply religious person to do this, rest assured that the angels will definitely hear you and come to your aid. It is best to regularly contact the angels, and not only in crisis moments of life, and then you will feel how many problems and adversities pass you by.

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Prayer in the Temple is central to the life of a Christian. Before the start of the service, you should submit a note for the commemoration of the departed and buy candles. When we come to light a candle, we need to cross ourselves, turning to the Lord or a saint. For example, "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner" or "Saint Father Nicholas, pray to God for us." Having lit the candles, we join the general worship. Participation in worship should be meaningful, it is necessary to understand to whom we pray, what we glorify and what we ask the Lord and his saints. In order not to get tired during the service, one must bow down and sing along with the church choir.

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On special occasions, Christian believers make a vow (promise) to God. Most often, a vow is made in difficult life situations when special help from God is required. Vows can also be made without a material reason, out of love for God or a feeling of gratitude. Vows have a different character, pilgrimage to holy places, decoration of the Temple, helping the sick and needy, caring for the homeless, etc. The vow should be made with the blessing of the spiritual father. Remember that you are making a promise to God himself. For this reason, when choosing a vow, it is very important to correctly calculate your strengths and capabilities in order to be able to fulfill it.

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