How To Write A Note To The Wailing Wall

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How To Write A Note To The Wailing Wall
How To Write A Note To The Wailing Wall

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This tradition appeared several hundred years ago, among pilgrims who, before returning home from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, left notes in the Western Wall, asking the Creator for protection and health on the way back. Indeed, in these times, travelers all along the way were faced with many dangers, in the form of robbers, diseases and the elements of nature. And soon the evidence of the miraculous salvation of the pilgrims who left such notes began to appear. Since then, people in this way began to ask for health, prosperity, success and thank the Creator for everything given to them.

How to write a note to the wailing wall
How to write a note to the wailing wall


Step 1

Write a note on any paper, its cost and size do not matter. It doesn't matter what, you write this message - with a pen, pencil, felt-tip pen, it can even be printed on a printer. But before you leave such a note, make a sensible assessment of what you want to ask for. Don't ask for a solid gold tree in front of your house, money rain, the presidency, or the resurrection of the dead. A miracle is possible, but you cannot go beyond reason in your desires.

Step 2

Write a note in any form convenient for you and in any language. What is important is only a clear statement of your desire and its sincerity. Think about what you will ask for. Do not shift your daily worries to the Lord, in terms of apartment renovation or overseas recreation. Ask for mental strength and health so that you can independently cope with all current and possible problems. After you ask for it, you will immediately feel a surge of energy - and see a seemingly difficult task with different eyes.

Step 3

The format for presenting a request to the Creator is free, if you find yourself in a situation where you do not know what is the best way for you to act, ask for mercy. Help comes from an unexpected source, you just need to accept it. It is important not to push her away so as not to ask again.

Step 4

Leave the written note in the crevices between the stones of the Western Wall, finding a free space. In no case should you remove someone else's note in order to put your own in its place. Look around carefully and you will surely find a free seat.

Step 5

After you have left a note, you need to donate a small amount to charity. Do not pass by the beggar who asks for alms, donate to some kind of charitable foundation. You can provide physical assistance, to those who need it - give up your seat, give me your hand. If you want to get what you asked for, you must show that you are ready to become better.

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