How To Restore A School Certificate

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How To Restore A School Certificate
How To Restore A School Certificate

Video: How To Restore A School Certificate

Video: How To Restore A School Certificate
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It is better not to lose documents, but no one is safe from such an offensive case. In case of loss, you will have to thoroughly run around the authorities and stand in lines to get the cherished crusts. If the school certificate is missing, everything is not so difficult.

How to restore a school certificate
How to restore a school certificate

It is necessary

  • a pen;
  • paper;
  • postal envelopes (if you live in another city)


Step 1

First, go to the school that issued you the certificate. Write a statement addressed to the school principal asking for a duplicate to replace the lost document, indicating the circumstances of the loss.

But if for some reason your school does not exist now, you will have to go to the district education department.

Step 2

It happens that at school they immediately refuse to issue a duplicate and send to write a statement to the police. In this case, go to the police department in your area or the one where the document was allegedly lost. Write a statement of loss indicating the series, number and date of issue of the certificate. And don't forget to take your application form.

At the same time, place an ad in the large city newspaper “Certificate No. … addressed to …. to be considered invalid. In some regions, you will be required to do so. After that, feel free to go to school and write a statement.

Step 3

If you are currently living in another city, please send your application by registered certified mail. Just know that no one will send you the document by mail. You will have to go on your own or entrust it to someone from your acquaintances living in this city. In this case, you need to issue a notarized power of attorney for the recipient.

Step 4

If your surname is now different, then you need to attach a document to the application, on the basis of which you changed your surname. But the certificate will still be issued to you with the same surname.

Step 5

In return for the lost passport, you will be given a duplicate on a standard form. In the upper right corner there will be a mark “Duplicate. Issued instead of certificate No.….

You must restore your certificate of general (basic) secondary education within 3 days, and your certificate of complete secondary education - in a month. Although in reality much more time can pass.

They will not take money from you - the replacement of the school certificate is free of charge according to the law. But if you lost your diploma from a college, technical school, or university, you would have to fork out.

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