How To Win The All-Russian Housing Lottery

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How To Win The All-Russian Housing Lottery
How To Win The All-Russian Housing Lottery

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Most people believe that winning the lottery is almost impossible. These conclusions are partly confirmed by the theory of probability. But it is quite possible to catch "luck by the tail" if you approach the solution of the issue competently.

How to win the All-Russian Housing Lottery
How to win the All-Russian Housing Lottery

It is necessary

  • - lottery tickets;
  • - connections with other regions of Russia.


Step 1

If you want to win a large amount of money or real estate in the lottery, then pay attention to the All-Russian Housing Lottery. You can play twice in one ticket at the same time. Once for a gradually increasing amount of money, and the second time for an apartment.

Step 2

Winning a cash prize is pretty tricky. You must erase the protective layer from all the windows so that only the winning numbers are exposed. If you make one mistake, you can forget about the monetary gain. So if you are not a sovereign winner of fortune, then your chances of winning are not great.

Step 3

Use your second try. Erase the protective layer from the "Apartment" field. There is one of the 8 letters of this word. Under the terms of the lottery, having collected all the letters, you become the owner of a one-room apartment or its cash equivalent. Here much more depends on your perseverance and ingenuity than on the notorious luck.

Step 4

When you buy up lottery tickets, you will find that some letters come across in every second ticket, and some are in short supply. You can even join forces with other lottery participants (neighbors, work colleagues). But in order to be successful in this business, you need to understand the very principle of the lottery.

Step 5

Since the lottery is all-Russian, and tickets are sold throughout the country, its organizers have distributed the flow of tickets in a special way. For example, a large number of the letters "k" were brought to Omsk, the letters "r" to Penza, and the letters "i" to Nizhny Tagil. And the letter "t" was released in a limited edition throughout Russia. Therefore, if you really want to win the all-Russian housing lottery, you must significantly expand the geography of searching for lottery tickets with the desired letters.

Step 6

Remember in which cities your relatives live. Connect them to find the missing letters. Explore the online forums dedicated to the All-Russian Housing Lottery. There you can exchange rare letters with residents of other regions.

Step 7

But do not fall for the tricks of scammers offering to sell scarce letters for several tens of thousands of rubles. Even if you receive the coveted ticket, you will not be able to check its authenticity yourself. And if a counterfeit is found, you will be personally criminally liable as the person who provided the fake lottery ticket.

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