How To Win A Million Rubles

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How To Win A Million Rubles
How To Win A Million Rubles

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Who wouldn't want to win a million! At the same time, seductive pictures of an expensive car or luxurious ocean islands are immediately drawn. In order to win a million, you need to know where such funds are "distributed" and for what they can be obtained.

How to win a million rubles
How to win a million rubles


Step 1

Tune in to a million. Some spiritual practitioners claim that this is the hardest part. Feel like a million is already in your bank account. If you can't tune in to the wave of a millionaire, use mystical powers. To do this, you need to sew a "magic" bag out of gold fabric and put there a note with the desire to win a million. The pouch needs to be tucked into the corner of the wealth for it to work. Domestic spiritual practices claim that money should be shown to the growing moon, and if she hears you, be sure - you will win a million!

Step 2

Go to specifics. Look for places to win a million. One of the options would be the Internet, which offers various games and quizzes, but this is for gamblers. Here either pan or disappear. You can not only win, but also lose.

Step 3

Test your luck. Maybe this is your main natural quality. You can check your luck by participating in any lottery. If you're lucky, try increasing your rates, if not, read on.

Step 4

Take a close look at your talents, everyone has them. Maybe you are a virtuoso cross-stitch artist or write fascinating stories. Sculptor or would like to learn to dance. Think about what you could be rewarded for, what you do better than others. Competitions with prizes are held for each type of activity. Calculate how many contests you will need to win to get a million and go firmly towards your goal.

Step 5

Think in advance on what you would like to spend your money on. Remember that when a person has a lot of money, his life changes. Obligations to others also appear. Weigh the pros and cons of winning big.

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