How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?
How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

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Let's imagine for a moment that something so terrible has happened that there are few ordinary people on the streets, and zombies are waiting for us everywhere. Such a turn seems incredibly fantastic and even impossible, but who, tell me, could have admitted that a global pandemic would occur and people would be so afraid of each other, they are afraid now ?! If you think about it, the apocalypse no longer seems so impossible, and the knowledge of how to survive in a zombie apocalypse can be useful for survival in other difficult situations.

This is how the world can be when zombies come into it
This is how the world can be when zombies come into it

So, assuming the very possibility of a situation where the world is dominated by zombies, let's consider the tactics of behavior that will help to avoid your death in an unequal struggle with the undead. You need to soberly assess your chances and try to make sure that they continue to remain high.

First of all, you need to closely follow the news. If the apocalypse from a meteorite, or an earthquake can destroy the world in a short period of time, then zombies are unlikely to be able to enslave the world as quickly. Seeing that the situation begins to change for the worse, you need to start preparing for this very worst and do the following:

· Create a stock of products that can be stored for a long time;

· Take care of the supply of drinking water;

· Find a place where you can live in solitude for some time and without attracting attention;

· Collect a set of things and objects that will help you survive;

· Learn to use weapons.

When the worst begins, you'll be ready for it. You will need to "keep your nose to the wind" to hide in your shelter before the crowds of ghouls begin to kill people on the streets. At the same time, do not forget to take a simple "transistor" with you in order to be aware of what is happening without going out into the world.

And some important clarifications on all points. So, products should be selected on the basis that they should be nutritious and healthy - the supply of energy bars should be diluted with canned food and breadcrumbs. There cannot be a lot of water, it is the most important food product, without which death occurs sooner than without food. Ideally, if there is a source of drinking water near the shelter.

Hiding in the city is quite difficult. It is best to hide outside the city. In this case, zombies will tend (at least at first) to cities. The kit doesn't have to be big, but it should contain everything you really need to survive. These are matches, warm clothes, a flashlight, a supply of food for him, personal documents, a minimum set of tools, a first-aid kit with medicines, a convenient backpack where all this can be folded.

Possession of weapons logically follows from the very essence of the situation - if there is contact with a flock of zombies, you will have to retreat, or take a fight. At the same time, you need to clearly understand that not only a rifle, pistol, or machete can act as a weapon, but also a shovel, or an ax from a set of tools. You need to force yourself to stop being afraid of zombies. The fear will go away when the understanding comes that these creatures are already dead. By rebuilding yourself from fear, you can ensure yourself the best chances of survival, not only in a world full of zombies, but everywhere, your safety depends on the ability to control yourself!

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