How To Survive In Prison

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How To Survive In Prison
How To Survive In Prison

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A person who has ended up in prison has not to live, but to survive. It is necessary to get used to the routine, to prison food, smell, surroundings. It will take knowledge of the hidden laws in order not to anger your cellmates.

Serving a sentence is a heavy burden for a person
Serving a sentence is a heavy burden for a person

Find inner strength

In prison, the lack of space is replaced by a lot of free time. You need to spend this time with benefit for yourself, including in order to get rid of "cockroaches" in your head. A person must engage in self-knowledge, learn to control his thoughts, actions and control personal power. Throughout the entire period of being in prison, the level of this very power should be increased.

There are about 1 million people in places of imprisonment throughout Russia. A couple of hundred thousand more are serving time in neighboring states. About 10% of the country's inhabitants passed through prison corridors and cells. Each prison has its own traditions, jargon, regime, symbols, legends.

Prison concepts

It is necessary to learn several rules and concepts that should be observed throughout the entire period of serving the sentence, well, or at least until you independently manage to establish your own laws. You should not dictate the rules on the very first day, because very few people succeed. The reputation of such brave souls immediately goes nowhere below.

You need to watch your words. Name-calling, promises are not allowed. This can provoke inmates.

Physical strength will not help to fight back if there is no fortitude and fear is present.

Of particular importance is the article according to which the person sat down. Prisoners despise sex maniacs, pedophiles. According to the laws of the prison, it is a shame to communicate with them, to stand next to them, to take things from them, to use dishes. The most "honored" prisoners are those who are serving sentences for murder. There are even differences in the color of the clothes. Thieves are dressed in black uniforms. She is considered the most respected. You need to know all these nuances and subtleties so as not to attract too much attention.

A person must remember that he must not lose health while serving a sentence, not to get sick with a serious illness.

Prisoner's leisure

Literature will help to brighten up leisure. Now in prisons, special library rooms are being equipped, in which not only thieves' literature is stored, but also classical works. You can give your preference just a book written by a prisoner. Most often, this is an autobiographical edition in which a prisoner shares his experience, talks about how to survive in difficult conditions.

The salvation for the prisoner is the opportunity to work. The prison has shops for sewing clothes, shoes, and making souvenirs. But the right to work is not given to everyone, but only to those who deserve it with their good behavior. When you work, time passes faster and you realize that you are doing something useful for society.

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