What Religions Are There In Russia

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What Religions Are There In Russia
What Religions Are There In Russia

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In the world, according to experts, there are about 28,700 religious movements and cults. But no one has accurate data - not even scientists. They simply cannot exist, since the process of the formation and extinction of various beliefs is permanent and will probably continue as long as humanity is alive. Echoes of ancient cults that have come down to our days from civilizations that lived long before us are still alive and are confessed by pagans from different countries. And the youngest religion appeared about 150 years ago in Iran. It is called a Bahá'í. Its adherents are gradually spreading around the world. There are followers of this religion in Russia as well. Although, of course, two religious movements prevail in Russia: Christianity and Islam.

What religions are there in Russia
What religions are there in Russia


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Christianity is one of the world's most numerous religious groups. According to sociologists in the world, by mid-2013 there were about 2.355 billion Christians of various confessions in the world.

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The largest world denomination among Christians is Catholics: more than 1.2 billion people. But, since Orthodoxy has historically dominated in Russia, no more than 400-600 thousand Catholics live throughout its territory.

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Orthodoxy is the largest Christian denomination in Russia. About 70% of Russians consider themselves to be Orthodox. But, according to the latest estimates, only 18-20 percent observe the canons, and there are several times fewer people who read the New Testament, not to mention the Bible.

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The second largest religion practiced by the inhabitants of Russia is Islam. In recent years, according to opinion polls conducted by the Levada Center, there has been a tendency for Russian citizens to increase their interest in and turn to this particular religion. Currently, about 20 million Russian citizens call themselves Muslims.

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Buddhism is one of the most ancient religions in the world. After Islam, she is the next in the number of adherents among Russians. 1, 5 - 2 million people are members of Buddhist communities.

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Judaism is the third largest in the world, but not in Russia. In Russia, according to the latest poll, just over 1 million citizens consider themselves to be Judaism.

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In addition to the listed - the most numerous religious movements - on the territory of the Russian Federation there are also a large number of citizens professing various branches of the dominant religions.

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For example, among Christians, in addition to the Orthodox Russian Orthodox Church and Catholics who identify themselves as the Roman Catholic Church, there are also Lutherans, Protestants, Greek Catholics, Armenian Gregorians, Old Believers, Uniates, Baptists, and other adherents of the teachings of Christ.

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Among Muslims in Russia, there are also citizens of various Mohammedan sects. The most numerous of them are Sufis and Salafis, a smaller share are Shiites and Sunnis.

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Buddhists are also not united. The main Buddhist currents prevalent in Russia: Tibetan Buddhism and Zen.

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In recent years in Russia, under the pressure of a return to traditional cultural values, ancient Russian pagan cults began to revive: the worship of the Somu natural gods - Perun, Dazhdbog, Stribog, Yaril.

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Among the reviving religious pagan cults on the territory of Russia, it is also necessary to note such as: Zoroastrianism, voodoo, shamanism and others.

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