Where To Advertise For Free

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Where To Advertise For Free
Where To Advertise For Free

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An advertisement is one of the most effective ways to sell, buy, rent or lease this or that thing, moreover, one of the oldest and most proven. The advantage of ads, unlike ads, is that ads are studied only by interested people, so submitting a free ad is a good step to complete a deal.

Where to advertise for free
Where to advertise for free


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There are three most common ways to inform people about your willingness to buy, sell or change something through free classified ads. Naturally, these are primarily specialized publications. Most cities in Russia have at least one newspaper that specializes in free classifieds. The circulation of such publications, as a rule, is very high, and the frequency of publication is up to 3 times a week. Newspapers like these publish ad coupons that fit the text. Then the coupons can be sent by mail or put in a special mailbox, organized by the newspaper to collect the completed coupons. In addition, many publications accept free advertisements by telephone. Please note that only a limited number of ads can be placed from one number.

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The second method, which has already gained popularity in Russia, is the placement of your ads on specialized portals on the Internet. Large print publications, such as Iz Ruk v Ruki, have their own sites on the Internet, and advertisements published on the Internet are duplicated in the paper edition. In addition, there are many message boards, thematic forums, city portals. In most cases, you will have to register to place your ad, also note that there are limits on the number of ads here. Do not forget about social networks, information in which tends to spread like an avalanche. Naturally, this also requires a valid account.

Step 3

Finally, the most common option is to write a few ads by hand with a felt-tip pen or print them on a printer, and then paste them on fences, poles and stops. Unfortunately, now in cities there are very few places left where you can post your advertisement without prior agreement with the owner of the "advertising space". In addition, the audience coverage in this case will be very small. This method is good when you want to notify your neighbors about a missing cat, or about a sale due to a move, but you should not rely heavily on responses from it.

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