Leonova Irina Yurievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Leonova Irina Yurievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Leonova Irina Yurievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Irina Leonova is not only a wonderful actress, but also the mother of seven children, whose father is the well-known Evgeny Tsyganov. It is interesting to trace the fate of this brave and talented woman.

Leonova Irina Yurievna: biography, career, personal life
Leonova Irina Yurievna: biography, career, personal life

Childhood and education

Irina Leonova was born in 1978 in Tallinn, now Estonia. The girl dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood and gradually walked towards her dream. During her school years, Irina attended a theater studio, where she made progress. And after school, the girl went to Moscow and from the first time entered the Shchepkin Theater School in the class of teacher Viktor Korshunov. An unheard-of thing for a provincial woman, even in that distant time when everything was easier for talented people!


After graduation, Irina went to work in the troupe of the Maly Theater. Here the girl was one of the leading actresses, in her repertoire there were a variety of roles, she could transform into heroines, very far from her own inner world. However, what actress Leonova was like in life, none of her colleagues really knew. She was a mystery girl to everyone.

Meanwhile, Irina Leonova was awarded very prestigious state awards for her roles, up to the State Prize of Russia.


Irina Leonova made her film debut while still studying at the Theater Studio. Her first film was called "We must live again." It should be noted that venerable actors have always been Leonova's partners, and she did not lose at all among them, but on the contrary shone with a bright star.

The filmography of the actress has more than a dozen paintings, in each of which Irina Leonova will certainly be remembered. The most famous at the moment is, perhaps, the melodrama "Children of the Arbat", where Irina played the main character Elena Budyagina. This film drastically changed Irina's personal life. After a while, Irina Leonova demonstrated to Russian viewers that she can be the main character not only in cinema.

Personal life

On the set of the film "Children of the Arbat" Irina met the main man of her life, actor Yevgeny Tsyganov. Their love story is wonderful, but sad in places.

It should be noted that before meeting Yevgeny Tsyganov, Irina was already married to actor Igor Petrenko. But the couple's family life did not work out, Irina always wanted children, but they did not want to come to this family.

The life story of Irina Leonova and Yevgeny Tsyganov looks like a fantasy novel. Irina gave birth to seven children from her beloved man. It is a pity that the man fell a little short of the status of the present and left the family, frightened of everyday difficulties.

Irina is not discouraged. She returned to work and is still in demand in the theater. Children grow up, delight their mother and fill her life with true meaning.

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